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June 09, 2013
Interracial Cheerios Commercial

There's a commercial out which has really made a lot of people upset: The "discussion" under the video became so bad that General Mills shut down the comments under the video. The discussion has resulted in an interesting Internet meme...

November 14, 2012
Who Voted for Obama?

Why President Obama was Re-elected There is a rational explanation for the President's reelection which doesn't invoke a deep or complex meaning. The only way to explain the outcome is in the simplest and direct prose: the moochers prevailed. Obama's...

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June 10, 2012
"The Private Sector is Doing Fine"

So, have you read Atlas Shrugged recently?

April 02, 2012
My Letter to Rush Limbaugh

I'm annoyed at this extended primary season. I think it should be over, and I've just been annoyed by a letter that an anti-Romney, a friend of Limbaugh's, wrote to him expressing his intention of blaming Romney supporters if Obama...

March 24, 2012
Why America Wins When Romney is Elected

There are two kinds of Republican voters: 1) those who want Barack Obama defeated, and 2) those for whom defeat is not good enough: they want Obama publicly embarrassed and repudiated. Romney will never say the kinds of things that...

March 11, 2012
Why Do Women Want to be Raped?

First things first: It's been well said that "Men fall in love with their eyes, but women fall in love with their ears." Meaning, men are attracted to and turned on by visible physical beauty in women, while women are...

March 10, 2012
What to do when your friend gets hit by a car

This cat tries to awaken his friend after she was hit by a car. He was reported to have, protectively, not allowed people to approach her. Obviously he was unsuccessful. These kinds of things really move me:...

March 08, 2012
The Day the Democrats Took Over

I read this in the comments on a CNN page, posted anonymously. I think it's worth considering: This is just a History lesson. Please don't read this if you are afraid of the truth. It is history and nothing can...

March 07, 2012
Consumer Confidence and the 2012 Presidential Election

Have you ever heard of the Consumer Confidence Survey? The monthly survey is conducted by an organization called The Consumer Confidence Board and provides a metric of consumer confidence called the "Confidence Index". There's an interesting correlation between the popular...

December 27, 2011
Beginning Android Development: Chapter 1

I am now working through the Wrox Beginning Android Application Development book by Wei-Meng Lee. As I go along, I'm using weblog entries to keep notes. Some of these things I have had to do a few times while...

October 02, 2011
Courage and Failure

"Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself." --Charlie Chaplin...

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September 28, 2011
What Brings People Here

If I were a veiled chameleon, I would want veiled chameleon care. And whether or not I was a male chameleon or a female chameleon, I would need a chameleon care sheet, because a "chameleons care sheet" [sic] is what...

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August 27, 2011
Iron Unicorn: Or, Why I'm Atheist, not Agnostic

Suppose you were asked whether or not you believe in unicorns. Chances are, you'd say that you don't. Maybe the question would seem so absurd that you'd want to clarify the question, and a dialogue similar to the following might...

July 24, 2011
What is a Conservative? What is a Progressive?

A conservative is a person who is satisfied with the system and is trying to work within the system to achieve her or his own ends. A progressive is a person who does not like the system, tends to think...

April 29, 2011
Canon Multipass Printer Ink

Okay, so you've got a perfectly functioning Canon Multipass Printer. It's like brand new, it even looks brand new, and you see no reason to spend hundreds of dollars buying a new printer. You take good care of your things...

April 28, 2011
Ages of Supreme Court Justices

As of today, April 28th, 2011: John Roberts, 56 (Jan. 27, 1955) Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 78 (March 15, 1933) Antonin Scalia, 75 (March 11, 1936) Anthony Kennedy, 74 (July 23, 1936) Stephen Breyer, 72 (August 15, 1938) Clarence Thomas, 62...

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