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Yellow flowers along Grandeur Peak Trail More of those yellow flowers heavily populated along the trail.

Small violet flowers on Grandeur Peak Trail Here's some small violet colored flowers hiding in a bush. I've yet more homework to do on identifying flowers.

Red flowers on Grandeur Peak Trail And what, pray tell, are these?


Grandeur Peak Trail at 7500 feet This photo is a landmark very close to 7500 ft. I call it "Confusion Junction". In the lower right hand corner, you see the trail from where we came. The trail to the top of the photo leads to a small peak from where I took one zoomed in shot of downtown Salt Lake City (below). The trail leading over to the left leads to another good view of Salt Lake City, while behind where I'm standing to take the photo lies the rest of the trail up to Grandeur Peak.

Salt Lake City from 7500 feet Salt Lake, thy air is smog.

Grandeur Peak from below One last look up at the peak before arriving at the top.

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