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June 22, 2004

Quantum Democrats

Today's Day by Day is truly worthwhile.

I read that comic and got the minor joke: the likening of the lack of logic stereotypically projected upon women with Democratic party positions. Beyond that, though, the idea of comparing Democrats with physical quanta interested me, so I obediently typed the URI into my browser and hit the enter key and my browser was whisked away to a page of rather piognant posts. Just a few posts down I found the Quantum Democrats post and, within it, this little gem:

If the Democrats want to neutralize President Bush on this issue, they have to articulate a credible vision for dealing with terrorism. But even that will be difficult for the Democrats, because their criticisms of President Bush have no logical consistency. There is no underlying philosophy on which Democrats base their critiques of the Bush Administration; instead, their rhetoric is comprised of reflexive opposition to whatever President Bush does. If you want to test this assertion in the real world, try this: next time you run across a partisan Democrat, ask whether President Bush has done anything right. Odds are, the response will contain less than one item.

The inconsistencies of the Democratic arguments against President Bush make it impossible for them to put forth any alternate vision, because anything they propose will conflict with some of their previous criticisms. Even that they'll deny, though; they'll sweeten their waffles with the syrup of nuance, the word they use to cover up the fact that they're holding several completely contradictory stances simultaneously.

Man, does that ever say it all?!

It's a consequence of the "Anybody but Bush!" mentality. You can't take the stand that anyone would be better than President Bush if Bush is doing things right. But more importantly, the "Anybody but Bush!" crowd judges President Bush's actions and policies by their pre-determined hatred for him, rather than independently based upon how well the solution fits its target problem.

I wonder how significant this issue will be in the election. It seems to me that it certainly ought to be a major detriment to the Democratic causes. After all, the Bush haters aren't going anywhere. They're going to cheer and be pleased regardless of how ineffective and unconvincing the Democratic platform gets. All they need is President Bush to continue antagonizing the liberals. The Democrats, therefore, don't have to do anything right to get loving approval from their primary audience.

The swing voters, on the other hand, that large contingent of undecideds, need convincing. They're not buying this "Anybody but Bush!" mentality. Meanwhile, the Bush administration keeps providing both consistent positions and consistant rationales for their positions. That seems like it'd tip the balance pretty significantly to me.

If President Bush loses, then, it must mean that he's enraged way too many voters.

Posted by Jeff at June 22, 2004 01:56 AM

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