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June 24, 2004

Reagan's "Free Ride" in the Press

Some interesting things were mentioned on FOX's Grapevine this week. But, before reading it, remember that Ronald Reagan scored 49 states to 1 against Walter Mondale in the re-election:


Far From a Free Ride

The coverage of President Ronald Reagan after his death led some to recall him as "the Teflon president," who got a free ride in the press. But the Center for Media and Public Affairs, in a new study, finds that President Reagan received intensely negative coverage. The Center says it was two to one negative overall in his first year, with his policies doing even worse -- three to one negative. The Center also found Reagan's coverage more than 90 percent negative in his re-election year of 1984, while his Democratic challenger Walter Mondale's press was 56 percent positive. As for his second term, the Center found that Mikhail Gorbachev did much better in the U.S. press and that even as he was leaving office, Reagan's press was two to one negative.

Now THAT'S a crystal clear example of liberal media bias, where the media projects an unpopular political position in an attempt to influence the judgment of the population and, thank goodness, fails.

It also should give the Republicans a chance to breathe a sigh of relief about all of the negative attention being thrown at George Bush. It would seem to mean nothing. So remember to get out there and vote.

Posted by Jeff at June 24, 2004 11:46 AM

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