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June 25, 2004

George Bush vs George Bush

There is nothing to the Kerry campaign. Nothing. Kerry himself means nothing - he could be any other candidate. George Bush is running against himself in this election. It's people who want to keep him vs those who want to boot him out.

The biggest problem the Democrats face in the upcoming election is their credibility on issues of national security. It's the one issue where a sizable bloc of voters perceive the biggest difference between the parties. On any other issue, the two parties could conceivably fight to a draw, but most voters--regardless of whether they ultimately plan on voting for President Bush--see him primarily as the national security candidate.

If the Democrats want to neutralize President Bush on this issue, they have to articulate a credible vision for dealing with terrorism. But even that will be difficult for the Democrats, because their criticisms of President Bush have no logical consistency. There is no underlying philosophy on which Democrats base their critiques of the Bush Administration; instead, their rhetoric is comprised of reflexive opposition to whatever President Bush does. If you want to test this assertion in the real world, try this: next time you run across a partisan Democrat, ask whether President Bush has done anything right. Odds are, the response will contain less than one item.

The inconsistencies of the Democratic arguments against President Bush make it impossible for them to put forth any alternate vision, because anything they propose will conflict with some of their previous criticisms.

The person who authored that stated it as if it matters. But it doesn't. Those who are not in favor of George Bush don't need the Democratic candidate to give a credible strategy for the war on terror, for Iraq, for the economy, not for anything. They're interested in one thing: Get rid of George Bush. Once that is accomplished, then they'll worry about other things. They don't need anyone to prove himself better than Bush, they just take that as a given: Anyone but Bush.

This election is for Bush to win, or Bush to lose. What the other side does, or doesn't do, is really meaningless.

Posted by Jeff at June 25, 2004 06:38 PM

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