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July 09, 2004

John Kerry's Boob Job

Did I say it, or did I say it?

Well, it was someone on the radio back east who referred to Kerry's choice of Edwards for a running mate as the political equivalent of getting a boob job, but a few days ago when John Kerry chose John Edwards as his running mate, I said that the main reason that Edwards could help the ticket is because he helps John Kerry to distance himself from the "Deaniacs" and other leftist wackos who have been offending the Democratic base since the Democratic primaries began. For review, those wackos are the Michael Moore types, the ones who have been crying, "Anybody but Bush!!!", and "Bush lied!", and "Deserter!", and all of the other expressions of bitterness and anger which, like typical childish temper-tantrums, have been driving normal Americans nuts for the last six months or so.

Now I've found an article in The Boston Herald which affirms that Kerry is trying to distance himself from the wacko crowd, a fact which certainly helps to demonstrate to those wackos that they are, indeed, wackos! And that's important, really, because we can't have these nuts actually believing that they're the sane ones and that those who think that they're nuts are just some small minority of right wingers. Heck, I even heard someone say last week, "I think that the country is going to have a serious morale problem if Bush is elected again." Right...like that makes sense...I'm sure that all of the people voting him into office will commit suicide the moment he's declared the winner because they'll be so sad that he won.

(Note: Intellectual honesty requires that I point out that my statements on a potential morale problem are only one move deep on the chessboard, and I myself can come up with significant reasons why the country could [and probably will] suffer significant morale problems if Bush is not re-elected [maybe I'll post later on this in another opinion], but I still consider my statements fair because I don't think that this person was thinking any deeper than to the potential and initial disappointment of those who vote against Bush.)

Anyway, on to excerpts from the article:

Dems down and dirty: Kerry laughs, GOP howls over obscene fund-raiser

Amid outrage from Republicans and in the press, Sen. John F. Kerry is feverishly trying to distance himself from Hollywood celebs who called President Bush a "liar" and "cheap thug" - and even made obscene references to his last name at a New York fund-raiser....

The Bay State senator's aides said Goldberg, Chevy Chase, Meryl Streep and others didn't speak for him when they lampooned the president in derogatory and personal terms.

"The views expressed by the performers were their own views," Kerry-Edwards campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill said. "It is not what Sen. Kerry and Sen. (John) Edwards would say, and they don't approve of some of the comments that have been made."...

The biting anti-Bush remarks came at a Radio City Music Hall event that raised an estimated $7.5 million in one night for the Kerry-Edwards ticket and the Democratic National Committee....

...spokesman Meehan said, "Comedy performers don't speak for Sen. Kerry or Sen. Edwards; they are entertainers."

Interesting, eh? John Kerry dances with the wackos when it suits him and it fills his campaign coffers with contributions, but he distances himself from those people when when he's away from them - and with the normal folks.

On that subject, here's some more quotes from the article above:

Kerry had said at the fund-raiser that "every single performer" had "conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country."...

"We have seen John Kerry take two positions on the most important issues facing our country, now we see him take two sets of positions on his own values," Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman said....

Kerry reportedly roared with laughter at many of the jokes, as did the crowd of more than 5,000. Standing on stage after singing and playing guitar with John Mellencamp, Kerry praised the singers and actors.


Posted by Jeff at July 9, 2004 10:22 PM

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