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July 16, 2004

What Will November Bring?

I have noticed some backlash at alleged "conservatives" who have spoken out in anger about the rock band Black Sabbath using anti-Bush imagery during a song entitled "War Pigs" on the current Ozzfest tour. The backlash always includes the accusation that the angered are Republicans, or conservatives, or right-wing, or pro-Bush. I disagree that this can be assumed.

An American, simply as an American, can be outraged about the attack on our president (and, by extention, on we the people), without being a George Bush supporter. A person may very well be planning to vote for John Kerry or Ralph Nader and yet be very indignant and angry about such an attack.

Think about it: Here you have a British band, Black Sabbath, during their song War Pigs, putting up anti-Bush propoganda. Isn't that a bit like an American act, say Garth Brooks or the Stone Temple Pilots, or someone, going off to Canada and hanging a Paul Martin doll on stage, or going to Spain and throwing tomatoes at a large photo of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero? I mean, where do they get off?

That's one thing that makes the coming U.S. presidential election so interesting. You've got all of these angry, bitter, hateful, far-leftists, just seething with frustration, and shouting black bile at everyone who doesn't join them in their villification of our president. Their behavior offends everyone except themselves. So the country is full of moderate Democrats, who are not far-leftist types, and who'd not only never make any kind of Bush/Hitler comparison, but who are very offended by such comparisons, who have to decide how to vote next November. Vote with the far-leftists with all of their bitterness and contempt? Or Vote for Bush? Vote for Nader? Not vote at all?

These far-leftists took over the Democratic village early in the season and they set the Democratic agenda even before the first primary was held. The result: one of the lowest voter turn outs in Democratic primary history (heck, and even I voted in it, which I've never done before).

This vote may wind up consisting of 1) a dramatically large turnout of Republicans voting for Bush, because they're offended by the behavior of the far-leftists; 2) a very small contingent of Democrats voting for Kerry, a contingent made up mostly of the far-leftists; 3) an unusually large number of non-far-leftist Democrats voting for Bush out of wanting to make a statement about what their leaders have allowed their party to become this year; 4) and an unusually large number of citizens voting for Nader as a protest vote or else staying home and not voting at all, feeling that neither the far-leftist agenda of this election's Democratic party, nor George Bush represents them.

But who knows? I think that there is only one aspect of the coming election that is predictable: the result will be a big surprise to nearly everyone.

Posted by Jeff at July 16, 2004 09:50 PM

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