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August 03, 2004

The Evil Plan of the Democrats

Here's an excerpt from interesting article about the social democrats:

End the home mortgage interest deduction

Democrats have been after this income tax deduction for decades. They call it a "subsidy." Now the more intelligent among us will clearly understand that allowing someone to keep more of the money that they earn can hardly be called a "subsidy." But we're talking about the more intelligent among us. These people aren't likely to be voting for Democrats anyway!

As soon as the Democrats manage to gain control of the federal government they will move to eliminate this "subsidy for the rich." They know that there will be little adverse political fallout. After all -- the mortgage interest deduction is only valuable to people who actually pay income taxes AND who itemize their deductions. Democrats have already succeeded in removing most of their core constituency from the income tax rolls --- so what is there to lose?

When the Democrats ride into power you had better be prepared to kiss that mortgage interest deduction -- and a lot more of your money -- a fond farewell.

I've not been familiar with that character before. I like the way he writes and thinks.

Posted by Jeff at August 3, 2004 10:43 AM


I've been reading your website for awhile about 3 days now about the certifications this is God sent seriously ran into it at 4.00am after meditating that scared the begittas outta me lol.. They said when you meditate and start SEEING you shouldnt talk to strangers in the realm I ran in an oldman couldnt make out his face scared me.. but anyway.. no more on that its very ethereal. But anyway I am very motivated now to go take the certification test for A+ seriously I've been a tech for 7 yrs troubleshooting everything from cellphones and numbers for nextel, to Hw T/s on all p.c. compatible devices.. Building an overclocking is a yawn to me.. seriously I am the quality yet cost effective tech.. alot it comes natural also. strange...

WOW This is very interesting, I've always known its all a power struggle, and the main families that colonized the part or the west, are making sure they are getting their share of things in the world period.. This probably goes deeper than it seems my friend raised an interesting thought once one the bus remember the Watergate or is it the white water scandal.. the people that where against the clintons started mysteriously dying afterwards.. imagine..That..

I have a question for you though.. I am thinking about trying this formula let me know if its worth it, Registering for the exam first to keep my mind gravitated towards it.. ? then studying rigorously for it ? about 3 hrs a day.. Thanks

Posted by: glasscut at May 16, 2007 07:27 AM

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