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August 04, 2004

Answer Michael Moore's Question

Michael Moore has lately been asking pro-Iraq war commentators a question along the lines of: "Would you choose to send your own children to the front lines in Iraq to fight the Iraq war?" Unfortunately, I've yet to see a commentator who didn't stumble on that question. It's clear why they stumble - the misleading question is designed specifically to make them stumble. Hopefully, though, people at home will think the question through, rather than come up with reflexive answers.

First realize that there is no draft in America. Each "child" in our military is an adult who is not sent into the military by his or her parent, but instead as an adult makes a crucial decision about whether or not he or she supports the ideals of this country enough to fight for it and for them. The proper answer to Moore's question (from whoever he is antagonizing by asking it) is:

If my son or daughter were to join the military to fight for the causes of which the Iraq war is a part, I would be very proud of him or her for doing so. And if I were the commander in chief and I knew that my own child were to be part of a regiment which would be sent into battle if I were to make the decision to fight for these ideals in Iraq or elsewhere, I would make the decision exactly the same as if my child were not part of that regiment, and like every other parent I'd pray for his or her safety and be filled with the same angst shared by every other parent who has a child fighting for our freedoms.

Couldn't a similar to Moore's question be asked regarding any and every conflict in history, including WWII, the American Civil War, and the American Revolutionary War?

Michael Moore's question is presumptuous, loaded, and easy to answer accurately and contrary to Moore's motives, even if that easy answer has been difficult for Moore's debaters to immediately come up with when put on the spot. His question is designed not to encourage a deep understanding of the issues, but instead to trick people into knee jerk emotional reactions.

Posted by Jeff at August 4, 2004 11:32 PM


NO parent wants to put their child in harm's way for any war or any other reason. The fair question would be, "Would YOU be willing to go on the front line to kick Saddam's xxx and help Bush put a price on terrorism's head?" The answer would be a resounding YES since we have a VOLUNTARY MILITARY FIGHTING RIGHT NOW!

Posted by: Mark & Karen Mishler at October 17, 2004 11:26 AM

A very good point!

Posted by: Jeff at October 18, 2004 02:15 PM

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