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September 01, 2004

For? Or Against?

A great many people are making the observation that people are planning to vote FOR George Bush, or AGAINST George Bush, or AGAINST John Kerry. Not surprisingly, given his record in the senate, it's very difficult to find anyone making a case to vote FOR John Kerry.

But there is more to vote FOR and AGAINST in this election than just the individual candidates, so here's a list of the prominent items in this election season which I am voting FOR and AGAINST.


1) I am voting AGAINST the people who (quite ignorantly) assert that Bush is an appointed president, rather than the duly elected president. I want to see President Bush re-elected into office with such a large number of votes as to suggest a slap across the face to the "Re-defeat Bush" contingent.

2) I am voting AGAINST the governments which opposed the United States initiative for action against Iraq in the United Nations last year.

3) I am voting AGAINST the citizens of the coalition countries which loudly opposed their own countries' involvements in the Iraq war. I want to see President Bush re-elected into office with such a large number of votes as to suggest to those citizens that the United States is against them, and frankly doesn't give a smeg what they think (thanks for nothing, jerks).

4) Although these people are contained in #3 above, they deserve special mention: I am voting AGAINST the citizens of The United States of America which loudly opposed the Iraq war. I want to see President Bush re-elected into office with such a large number of votes as to suggest to those citizens that mainstream America is against them and will not allow their minority ideas to overwhelm our government (perhaps Cuba or China will?) Further, I want to pass the message: Thanks for nothing, liberals; the Cold War was won without any help from you, and so will be the war on terror.

5) I am voting against the "Bush ~ Hitler" crowd.

6) I am definitely voting against John Kerry, against his post-Vietnam service slander of the U.S. soldiers in Vietnam, against his taking a leading role in causing the U.S. to lose that war through battles at home which resulted in tremendous human rights violations in Vietnam to go unchecked which should've ended with a victory in Vietnam.



1) I am voting FOR a continuation and an expansion of fair economic practices; i.e., that people may make as much money as they are capable of making in a free market, and that they shouldn't have to pay for anything that they don't, on their own, decide to pay for themselves (if they want to donate to the poor, they can; if they don't, no government will steal from them to give to the poor). ELIMINATE THE IRS!

2) Pre-war, the citizens of Iraq (and even some other countries) said such things as, "It's not the people of America we are against, we are against the American government". I can think of few statements which should be taken more offensively by an American. I am voting FOR demonstrating that We the People ARE the government - and a resounding re-election of President Bush, with as many votes as possible, would convey that message better than any other method. It was We the People who invaded Iraq, NOT a separate American government.

3) And I am voting FOR President Bush, who deserves tremendous respect for his post 9/11 decisions, and whose pre-9/11 economic policies dramatically limited the economic fallout which otherwise would've occurred after 9/11. Thank you, President Bush. You have earned our admiration and respect.

Posted by Jeff at September 1, 2004 12:39 PM


well i am voting FOR KERRY, I am against Bush but i feel kerry will make a better president because we need to concentrate a little more on improving our country than sticking our head in places it doesnt belong. dont get me wrong we did need to take action against saddam but we cant just change the way the people live, americans are dying there. 18 year old kids who need money for college we need to provent more death in iraq

Posted by: katy at September 11, 2004 03:23 PM

Thanks for responding, katy.

The issue of people dying isn't one of choosing life over death. The anti-American terrorist groups made that abundantly clear 3 years ago on September 11th, 2001. The issues, instead, are where will people die? Over there? Or over here? And how many? And who will set the terms?

"Need money for college"? Do you mean, for example, like Patrick Tillman who passed on millions of dollars from the NFL to serve his country in uniform? Frankly, if people are joining the military out of a desire to get money for college (or any other purely self serving reason) without the intent to perform the full services to their country for which those moneys are exchanged, and do so with their hearts and souls expressedly committed to the task, then you're not going to find me crying many tears for them. Our military is not there to be leeched off of by those who want America's "big stick" reputation to protect them from fights, without being willing to fight the fight which gives America it's reputation ("Peace through superior firepower." - It works.)

Further, an argument championing soldiers who joined just because they "needed" money for college does violence to the very principle behind a volunteer military: that those who choose to serve their country do so because they consider their country to be worth serving. I think that we have every reason, and obligation, to do our soldiers the service of assuming that they have joined because they consider our country worth serving (one indicator of this, in my opinion, is the fact that our soldiers are overwhelmingly either conservative or Republican); it would be an assault upon the dignity of our individual soldiers to assume otherwise.

Posted by: Jeff at September 11, 2004 06:55 PM

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