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September 28, 2004

Who is Dividing America?

I saw a recent article about a new aquarium in Kazakhstan where onlookers enjoy the sights of sharks and piranhas being fed. The article says that when an ox's heart is dropped in with the piranhas, about 500 of them rush over and devour the piece of meat in less than five seconds. This prompted one of the aquarium guides to remark, "We can learn a lot from piranhas, whose strength lies in their unity."

I'd be nice if the Democrats would learn that lesson, rather than polarizing the country the way they have this election season.

Just imagine the difference if they'd said, "George Bush has done many of the right things and we respect his service, but there are things than need to be done just as much if not more urgently and importantly; here's what they are and we intend to do them if elected."

Bush, of course, has kept his promise to be a uniter and not a divider. He hasn't lashed out at house Democrats, or senate Democrats, or...hell...any Democrats. He's not shown a bit of anger or resentment toward any law abiding Americans. He's been good natured and friendly - a true ideal of a good and caring politician.

The Democrats, however, have been the most politically devisive elements which we've seen in decades.

Last year the country saw George Bush with uncharacteristically high approval ratings for a president and even Democrats were suggesting that beating him would be impossible, and Republicans were predicting the end of the Democratic party as we have known it. Some were saying that this election wouldn't be a question about which president would be elected, but instead would be an election about how many legislators were going to lose their seats. THIS was what Democratic strategists had to contend with.

What they came up with - DIVIDING AMERICA - has been very difficult on all of us. But, in terms of actually giving them a chance in the election, it was an excellent strategy. It's been like chemotherapy, which sickens the patient nearly to death in order to rid the body of a cancer...except, in this case, there was no cancer, just beautiful hair that the Democrats are trying to make fall out. Kerry can't appear to be better than that because he isn't.

Posted by Jeff at September 28, 2004 04:29 PM

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