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October 28, 2004

Bush, unlike Democrats, shares values of black voters

I found this article on zogby.com to be very interesting:

Bush, unlike Democrats, shares values of black voters

No one voting bloc remains so faithful, and yet feels so unappreciated. While African Americans continue to vote overwhelmingly Democratic in presidential elections, those for whom they vote don't always feel the need to reciprocate their affection.

Black America's Political Action Committee, in its 2003 National Poll of Registered African-American Voters, found that while over 80 percent of black Americans have a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party; a full 43 percent believe that the party takes them for granted. In the same poll, only 37 percent have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party while 48 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

While Democrats have long enjoyed the steadfast support of African-American voters, it seems ironic that the Republican Party -- the party of Abraham Lincoln -- has done so little to reach out to such an important and justifiably skeptical segment of American society. That is until President George W. Bush.

Even though elected with less than 9 percent of the African-American vote, Bush, more than any other president, has appointed blacks to positions of real and meaningful power within his administration. Bush's cabinet includes Colin Powell as secretary of State; Rod Paige as secretary of Education, and Alphonso Jackson as secretary of Housing and Development. In fact, Condoleezza Rice, as national security advisor, is arguably the most powerful woman in the world.

While addressing the Urban League here in Detroit earlier this year, Bush willingly admitted he has a lot of work to do to secure the trust of black Americans. But African Americans need to recognize that it is Bush who strongly supports two important cultural issues that appear to resonate deeply within the black community -- the protection of life and the protection of marriage....

The gist of the article is that Bush is not only colorblind in his choices of people to hire into strong positions in government, but he's protective of the values of black voters while Kerry trys to destroy what blacks care about.

I now am very interested to see how the black vote will compare to 2000. Already polls are suggesting that Bush will receive twice as high of a percentage of black voters in 2004 as he had in 2000.

Posted by Jeff at October 28, 2004 01:17 AM


This is something I always felt was true too. Blacks share the values of traditional and religous americans much more often then they are given credit for.
Just goes to show what con-artists the Dumocrats are.

Posted by: Sabbathbreaker at November 12, 2004 07:34 PM

it Also proves what I've known of the Dems for 30 plus Years, that the so called black Leadreship,
such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charls Rangel
and others, Maintain their positions of leadership
by Acerting the Lies about our african american
communetire have no Opportuneties for Jobs and the
establishment of their Own Businesses.

Such beliefs within the black communety,are what's
actualy responsible for many to fail, not Realising the Financial resources available To them For their economic Development.

Examples of Dem's lies:
1: the Wealthy are only the Top 1% of Population.
if This is true, then Who the Heck is Buying all
that Stuff from China, Taiwan, Hog-Kong, Japan,
to the Tune of more than $1.5Trillion ?

2: Our Economy stands at $13Trillion.
Do the Math and you'll Realise that 1% of our
Population, Can't be Buying 15 Million Carsa Year,
or 6Million to 9Million New Homes a year, or,..
get the Picture ?
Nuff said !
you're Welcome !

Posted by: Mike Santiago at September 28, 2006 03:42 PM

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