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November 01, 2004

Howard Dean Said It Well....

After he lost the primaries and Dean began to sing Kerry's praises, he was asked during an interview how he can take such a pro-Kerry position when, for months, he'd been blasting Kerry's positions whenever he had the chance. Dean responded that during the primaries the candidates emphasize differences so that they voters can choose between them. After the primaries, however, they emphasize similarities.

Dean also said, in a recent speech in Quebec, that if Bush wins then he'll win with 51% of the popular vote, then he pointed out that such a win means that 49% of the people were against him (he was trying to suggest to the Quebecois that just because Bush wins, that the Quebecois shouldn't be mad at America, because 49% of Americans would have been against Bush [I don't know what that's all about...are Quebecois that anti-current U.S. policy???]).

The flip side of Dean's second argument is that if Kerry wins, then 49% of the people were against him and favoring Bush. And the principle behind his first argument tells us that, following the election, regardless of who wins, we'll be emphasizing similarities.

Everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, know that Kerry just says whatever he feels he needs to in order to get elected. He says one thing to the people of Ohio, then precisely the opposite to the people of California. While this infuriates Republicans, Democrats don't care; they want him to say what is necessary for him to get elected, too. But, in the final analysis, Republicans and Democrats alike know that - in terms of the major decisions - Kerry would've done the very same things, in cases of foreign policy, as did George W. Bush.

People from Europe, Canada, and other countries might be thrilled with a Kerry victory, they may suddenly be happy with America for a short time, but in the final analysis, what they'll see from us will just be more and more and more and more and still more of the same as has come from us since 9/11.

And in terms of domestic policy, congress will thoroughly handicap all of Kerry's socialist notions. So it's no biggie here, either.

So, whoever wins:


*Note: The only scary issue is the prevention of terrorism within the U.S. borders...while I feel as safe as is possible under Bush, I feel not at all secure about being presided over by Kerry.

Posted by Jeff at November 1, 2004 02:27 PM

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