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November 02, 2004

Okay, So I Voted....

I woke up this morning, played a bit of guitar, paid a few bills, then walked outside to head to the polls. It was a beautiful day with no snow on my lawn, but lovely snow on Mount Olympus:
Mount Olympus

I approached the voting place, an elementary school, and surveyed the overwhelmingly large voter turnout mayhem:
Voter Turnout Mayhem

After entering the parking lot, I noticed that the school was still in session...what's this nonsense I hear about schools closing for he election?
School is in session

I proceed to take my place in the long, long line to get into the building to vote:
The crowded voting line

This fellow is on his way out as I am entering...it's a bad sign...I'm told that when he showed up to vote he was only 23 years old!
Growing old in line

I get inside the building and survey the number of people ahead of me in my district - it's lookin' pretty tough so far. Do I wait it out? Or do I give up and go home?
The line to get my ballot

I flip a coin and decide to stay. Here's my ballot - it's essentially the same as the last election. Fortunately, I was not educated in Florida, so I should be able to muddle through without too much trouble:
My Ballot

After punching my chads, I take a quick photo of the near riots and carnage at the polls. There simply must be some reform of this system! It's just crazy...how could anyone manage such disorder?
People in their voting booths

Finally, I escape the mayhem and see, once again, the sight that I saw as I left my home so very very long ago (15 minutes?) as I embarked upon my journey to vote:
Mount Olympus from the polling location

Posted by Jeff at November 2, 2004 06:27 PM


We used to get election day off as a kid.

Posted by: Sean at November 2, 2004 07:03 PM

I never got an election day off school.

Posted by: Sab at November 2, 2004 11:19 PM

Holy hell, this was funny. I didn't get election day off, either.

Posted by: Jeanette at November 3, 2004 01:49 PM

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