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November 04, 2004


I read the following on another weblog which, oddly, I can no longer find:

Many of us asked [the liberals] after the drubbing they were subjected to two years ago if they would finally come to grips with the fact that they are now the minority party and adjust their beliefs, rhetoric, attitudes, and tactics accordingly. The answer was a resounding "No!"

What will it be this time? CNN reports that Kerry 'discussed' his concern about "doing something about how divided the country is" with the President during his call a short while ago, Let's hope he starts that process in his concession speech by encouraging his supporters to get behind the President and work with him for the good of the country. We shall see. But, given all the talk about how Bush needs to "reach out" and "work with the other side" - and the complete absence of any talk about how the Democrats need to set aside their poisonous rhetoric and align themselves with the consistently expressed will of the voters - the answer is almost assuredly going to be more of the same.

Part I: Prior to 9/11, anti-Americanism really didn't bother me. I regarded those who were anti-American as being either ignorant, unintelligent, bad people, or some combination of those qualities. And I considered that to be their problem, not mine. I considered them impotent, so I took a "live and let live" sort of attitude. Why should I care what they think?

Then the planes hit. That changed everything. Suddenly, the anti-Americans' matterred. They had the ability to cause harm.

And they still matter. And the "war on terror" is what they're getting for mattering.

Part II: This last presidential campaign has mattered as well. There has been a lot of far-left liberalism thrown at the American people over the last 18-24 months. And it got pretty scary for a while there. Mattered they did, and they mattered a lot. There was a lot to be concerned with.

Then the ballots were cast. That changed everything. Suddenly, the liberals stopped mattering. They lost their ability to cause harm.

Bush is in. Daschle is out. The Senate is strengthened. The House is as well.

The emotion, the urgency, the need to care what liberals think has dropped to nearly nothing. They can now participate in the process respectfully - a dynamic which has been completely absent from their hyperbolic, vitriolic, histrionics over the past election period - and perhaps get some of their agenda accomplished, or they can be ignored. The cancer is under control.

Post November 2nd really feels good, I think. I find it odd that there are still people who: a) are still spouting their vitriolic nonsense, in spite of how ineffective it has been rendered [liberals], and b) are feeling the need to be defensive about what the liberals are saying [the non-liberals].

It's time to work together.

Posted by Jeff at November 4, 2004 12:37 PM


Karen, What exactly do you mean by "..when the North treated the South this way after the Civil War, it backfired". What backfired?

What do you mean by "Gloating"? It's human nature for the rightous to rejoice when the wicked are cast down. Just like you cheer for the hero in a movie.
Bush needs to end abortion. This aint the dark-ages anymore. If he wasnt pro-choice I would have voted for him.
Still, what exactly did you see in Kerry?

Posted by: Sabbathbreaker at November 5, 2004 03:32 PM

@Karen: Nothing about my post involves "stomping people's faces in the mud". Quite the contrary, it involves ignoring them completely *when they behave in a disrespectful manner*.

I find it rather interesting that after all of the liberal mudslinging over the past two years ("Bush is a war criminal", "Bush = Hitler", "Bush is a liar!", etc.), that a liberal would complain about "stomping people's faces in the mud", especially when no such thing has occurred in the post she references.

Posted by: Jeff at November 5, 2004 03:50 PM

The South deserved to be punished for the Civil War.
Poverty does not cause abortion. Thats like saying "Soft pavement causes crime."

Posted by: Sabbathbreaker at November 9, 2004 02:20 PM

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