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November 24, 2004

Dear Courier Post Online

Dear Courier Post Online:

I'm 37 years old last October, and I'd like to comment on this statement made in your article:

Dan Rather will be remembered for his reporting on the assassination of President Kennedy and stories from the jungles of Vietnam, not a questionable report on President Bush's National Guard service, some area residents and experts said.

At my age, I never saw anything about the assassination of President Kennedy, nor have I seen anything but forgettable snippets of Rather reporting on Vietnam. However, the "questionable report" (to use the most charitable term possible) on President Bush's National Guard Service is burned into my memory.

It is also true that, while virtually everyone who still has the capacity for memory of the Vietnam or Kennedy days is fully aware of the "questionable report", most of us who still have our mental faculties know, out of the three phenomena, only of the "questionable report", and not of Rather's Vietnam reporting nor his reports on the assassination of Kennedy. Again, from your article:

"It's certainly the end of an era," said Moriarty, 48. "It means we're all getting older."

Yes, yes we are, Moriarty. And with every passing day there are fewer and fewer people remembering Rather for anything other than his "questionable report".

ps: Note to Mr. Rather - THIS is what you leave behind.

Posted by Jeff at November 24, 2004 02:17 AM


I was just getting ready to say the same thing.

Vietnam? Kennedy assassination? I wasn't even alive back then. When Dan Rather dies and my childeren ask me who he was, theres only one thing I'll be able to tell him.

Posted by: Sab at November 26, 2004 11:04 AM

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