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February 21, 2005

Ayn Rand Avatar

Ayn Rand Avatar.gif

Who was Ayn Rand?

Ayn Rand is a major intellectual of the twentieth century. Born in Russia in 1905 and educated there, she immigrated to the United States after graduating from university. Upon becoming proficient in English and establishing herself as a writer in the U.S., she became well-known as a passionate advocate of her philosophy, Objectivism. Rand's philosophy is in the Aristotelian tradition, with that tradition's emphasis upon metaphysical naturalism, empirical reason in epistemology, and self-realization in ethics. Her political philosophy is in the classical liberal tradition, with that tradition's emphasis upon individualism, the constitutional protection of individual rights to life, liberty, and property, and limited government. She wrote both technical and popular works of philosophy, and she presented her philosophy in both fictional and non-fictional forms. Her philosophy has influenced several generations of academics and public intellectuals, as well as having had widespread popular appeal.

What is an avatar

An avatar, in terms of the Internet, is the "face" that you show to the world commonly on bulletin boards and within messenger windows. If you use an avatar, people see it any time they view your message. Your avatar can be your real picture, one of the generic choices often available on bulletin boards or within messenger software, or any custom image you may choose (within the appropriate size and file size constraints).

Personally, I like fairly simple ones, so I've created this one to annoy the socialists with.

Ayn Rand Avatar.gif

If you'd like the avatar, just right click on it and save.

Here is more on Ayn Rand which is well worth reading, and the site is well worth an entry in your favorites or bookmarks: Ayn Rand Centenary

Posted by Jeff at February 21, 2005 02:46 PM


Great avatar. I like the way the portrait breaks through the Stars & Stripes; very symbolic. ;-)

I'm putting togther a piece which features something on your heroine (in the broader context of Socialism and libertarianism).

Annoyed? Nay. It's always a pleasure to see you, erm, create, Jeff. **smiles cheekily**

Red Front!

Posted by: kenny at February 27, 2005 04:02 PM

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