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April 02, 2005

Gender Differences Online

I found this link at Respectful of Otters (linked at the right):

In the keynote speech at the American Library Association annual convention in 1994, Herring (1994:3-4) proposes that this is the case in that "women and men have different characteristic online styles" that echo the differences of culturization and integration into society: "The male style is characterized by adversiality - put-downs, strong, often contentious assertions, lengthy and/or frequent postings, self-promotion, and sarcasm"; while the female style, in contrast, is characterized by "supportiveness and attenuation" with expressions of appreciation, thanking, and community-building; as well as apologizing, expressing doubt, asking questions, and contributing ideas in the form of suggestions."

--Gender Differences in Email Communication

Check out the appendices at the bottom of the page, first. If you are logical positivist in your metaphysics, as I am, that'll help to assign appropriate meaning to the article.

Posted by Jeff at April 2, 2005 03:29 AM

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