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April 08, 2005

I *LIKE* This Woman

Not only did she write what I consider to be the very best epitaph for the hopes of "the angry left" that I saw, or could even imagine, the day after the last elections...

"What did you all believe in this year? Hate? Anger? You ran your own campaign, one filled to the brim with bile and acidic spittle and you wonder why you feel so black today? You were pinning your hopes on the the wish that the rest of America harbored the same intense hatred as you and would vote with their clenched fists. Now that you are left without the hoped for victory party as an outlet for your rage, you have to direct it somewhere else. If not at the candidate, then at his voters, right? What I am seeing today makes me pity you, and it's a pity tinged with disgust and should not be mistaken for empathy."
--A Small Victory
(Click the link, read it all - it's well worth it.)

...but yesterday she presented this jewel:

"So I received an email last night asking:

How come you didn't write anything about the Pope? You write glowing obituaries for the most obscure of pop culture figures but this world figure dies and you don't say a thing?

Well, xxx, in case you haven't noticed, I'm an atheist. Do you think some guy who runs a classical music blog wrote anything when Joey Ramone died? Probably not. Get my drift?
--A Small Victory

It's so nice to see examples of highly intelligent people out there who, although they supported and voted for the "right" side of the aisle in the last election, are not "right wingers" at all - at least not in the sense that the far-leftists attempt to make the right side of the aisle out to be. People like her prove that the rest of us in the "center" are in good company (no less a person than Mark Steyn led me to her weblog through one of his columns...now that says a lot!).

ps: I don't know much about this woman, but I'm glad that she's in our corner as well: Democrat attacked by vitriolic wacko. Posted by Jeff at April 8, 2005 03:01 AM

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