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April 17, 2005

Movable Type Has Gone Crazy (Ping)

My method for browsing weblogs is fairly simple: I visit Movable Type's website and choose from the list of recently updated sites. What I like about browsing using this method is that everyone on that list (including myself) has paid for the right to be there, which indicates a certain dedication to site and content.

But Movable Type is no longer showing updated sites. For days, whenever I've visited, I see this list of sites - the order never changes:


Sometimes I visit and the list is new and I'll think, "Fixed...finally!" But when I click on some of the links of what I think is a newly updated list, I find weblogs which haven't been updated in days (April 11th and 12th were dates of a couple sites)! Then, after returning back to Movable Type, mysteriously, the list above returns.

It's not a caching problem on my computer. My computer is on a network, and I've tested this fairly by using other computers. My network is connected with a router that does not cache, so the caching would have to occur elsewhere, such as my ISP. But it's not my ISP that is caching, because Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer, when I've used it to check the contents of the updated site script (http://secure.sixapart.com/updates/updates-us.js), returns the same list as is pictured above.

No responses from Movable Type when I've reported this issue.


Posted by Jeff at April 17, 2005 06:10 AM


Payment means more commitment? Hmm. Perhaps.

Posted by: kenny at May 23, 2005 02:03 PM

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