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June 07, 2005

Love America, Hate America, and Michael Moore - the "True Patriot"

Here's an interesting exercise which I happened upon completely by accident: The next time you read an "I hate America" rant, or hear it on the radio, or see it on a video - or however it comes to you - and the ranter is a Canadian, or a European, or some other non-American, take note of the reasons that the America hater gives for hating America.

Then the next time you encounter a liberal-American ranting about America, take note of what the liberal rants about. Chances are very good that the items on his list are the same as the items on the non-American's list. If you pay as much attention as I pay, you'll probably find that these reasons pretty much make a standard boiler plate.

Now, if you can, accuse the liberal-American of being anti-American (maybe you'll be lucky enough to find that someone already has). While the non-American unabashedly and unashamedly proclaims loudly his hatred for America (that's how you chose him, remember?), the liberal-American rantor, whose rants are cut from the same boiler plate as the non-American, will claim to love America - and claim that the passion behind his rant comes from his love of America. And he'll do it defensively. And usually hysterically.

And both of them will tend to claim that Michael Moore is a "true patriot".

There ain't no doubt about it: Michael Moore Hates America.

People like Michael Moore don't love America. They hate it. What they love is their vision of America, an America reshaped in their image. But they can't just come out and say, "I hate America," because they know that'd be bad strategy. Americans would shut them out. Strategy. Ends justifying the means.

Posted by Jeff at June 7, 2005 06:25 PM


What a load of nonsense.

If the government of a nation IS that nation, then I'm sure Moore would concede he hates America. But a nation is more than its government....

The Bush administration is loathsome. It's a blot on the honour and prestige of the world's most powerful, creative and energetic country.

What is so frustrating for me (and others like me) is why so many Americans can't see the evil that Bush and his cronies are doing and supporting around the world.

It'll change, though. Their day will come, and so will ours.

Posted by: kenny at June 8, 2005 04:30 AM

Our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Dislike our government, dislike the people. No criticism is valid unless the two are referenced together. So now your argument becomes, "If the government and the people of a nation ARE that nation...."

So what else is there? A country is not a geography, but a political system. The lines drawn on the geography which define the nation's borders are not natural, they're contrived. If someone says, "I love Ireland," the statement behooves a context - chances are the person is talking about landscape. Michael Moore is referring to that which makes the U.S. the United States. If he's referring to loving the beauty of the Rocky Mountains when he says, "I love America," then he's equivocating and is dishonest.

Posted by: Jeff at June 8, 2005 07:13 PM

#1. Congressman Duke Cunningham(R)= Money Laudering(Guilty/ in jail)#2. Congressman Tom Delay(R)= Money Laudering(Indited/ Stepped down as Majority Leader in the House of Representives.)#3. Senator Bill Frist(R)= Insider Trading(Innocent???)#4. Senator Conrad Burns(R)= Criminal Conspricracy(Under investigation)#5. Congressman Bob Ney(R)= Taking Bribes(Guilty/ in Jail)#6. Congressman Mark Foley(R)= Underage page(Guilty/ in rehab awaiting trail)#7. Congressman Jim Gibbons(R)= Assaulting a female(Guilty/ Probation/fine)#8. Congressman Jerry Lewis(R)= Criminal Conspiracy(Under investigation)#9. Congressman John Doolittle(R)= Bribary illegal peddling(Under Investigation)#10. Congressman Curt Weldon(R)= Illiegal influence peddling(Under investigation)#11. Congressman Rick Renzi(R)= Ethics Violations(Stepped down from Congressional Commitee's, Under Investigation)#12. Congressman Bob Taft(R)= Ethics Violations(Guilty/??)#13. Govenor Ernie Flecher(R)= Official Misconduct(Guilty/??)#14. Vice Presidents Chief of Staff Scooter Libby(R)= Perjury(Guilty/ Awaiting sentencing)#15. Homeland Security Official Brain Doyle(R)= Child Seduction(Guilty/??)#16. GSA Administrator LOrita Doan(R)= Political corruption(Under Investigation)#17. Sec. of Defence Donald Rumsfeld(R)= War Crimes(Criminal complaint filed by an American/ German citizen) (Pending)#18. Ill stop there but I have about 10 more I could put on this list! 28 REPUBLICANS ENVOLVED WITH BREAKING THE LAW AND NONE OF YOU RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE WARMONGERS AND NARRSISTS WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!! BUT O YA LETS TALK ABOUT WILLIAM JEFFERSON!! CONSERVATIVES ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: john at June 8, 2007 03:35 AM

Most of those you listed are a complete sham. Try the contrary:


Posted by: Jeff at June 8, 2007 04:03 PM

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