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June 21, 2005

Perl Objects, References, and Modules

Perl Objects, References, and Modules Perl Objects, References, and Modules: This is one of the most impressive books I've picked up in a long time. I'd bought a couple of other books, Network Programming with Perl and Graphics Programming with Perl, and I found myself encountering Perl code with which I was not yet familiar. Yes, that's why I bought the books in the first place, but I'm not talking about code particular to the subjects of those books, but instead more formal, basic types of expressions. I didn't really need to investigate this code, because it's just something that can be taken for granted within the context of the books in question, but I'm the kind of person who likes to know every little detail about every little detail of what I'm doing. I knew that the unfamiliar code forms had to do with object oriented programming (OOP) in Perl, so I picked up this book. Man, in such a small book, I really learned a lot of good stuff. I've discovered that very complicated websites which I've developed in the past could have been made much more lean with this type of code. I'm really amazed. This book is written in a very "learn by example" sort of way and I'd recommend it to anyone. In fact, it's the second book in what might be considered a series and, after having experienced this book, if I was just starting out with Perl, I think I'd probably give the first book, Learning Perl, my initial attention.

Posted by Jeff at June 21, 2005 01:25 PM


Are you going to program something in Perl, Jeff?

Posted by: kenny at June 22, 2005 05:01 AM

I do almost every day, lastlament. :-D

Posted by: Jeff at June 22, 2005 05:07 AM

What do you do with Perl? What do you use it for? Just being curious/nosey. :-)


Posted by: kenny at June 22, 2005 11:10 AM

This site, for example, is nearly all perl (with some calls to a MySql database). Although I didn't write the weblog software, I do have to enter the guts of it from time to time to make changes.

Those parts of the site which do not have "weblog" in the URL are all generated by perl scripts which I did write.

"Nosiness" on a public weblog means nosiness for the public. I'm not sure I'm that public of an individual.

Posted by: Jeff at June 22, 2005 02:57 PM


I wondered how you built this site. It obviously isn't an off-the-shelf affair, like many of us bloggers use.

I like it (told you that before), so I did wonder if you wrote it in Perl.



Posted by: kenny at June 23, 2005 05:14 AM

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