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July 08, 2005

London, 7/7

Provoking honest responses:

Political Grapevine
'Terror' Ban

The BBC's website called the multiple explosions there Thursday "'terror' attacks and while the term may be perfectly appropriate, it turns out that using that word goes against company policy. The BBC instructs its reporters: "The word 'terrorist' itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding. We should try to avoid the term, without attribution."

In Israel, the BBC has repeatedly refrained from using "terrorism" to describe Palestinian suicide bombings. In 2001, the BBC declined to use the word "terrorism" to describe deadly attacks in Haifa and Jerusalem killing 26 Israelis, but did use the word "terror" to describe the Israeli response.

Posted by Jeff at July 8, 2005 11:52 PM


I haven't had, really, anything to say about the attacks in London. Obviously, I've not said much of anything here on this weblog, but I've not had much of anything to say anywhere else, either, by telephone, in person, on message boards...nothing. And, I've been uncomfortable with that.

No more, though, because I think that I've put my finger on why it is that I'm feeling so silent:

I'm not sure that the London attacks feel every bit as close to home as the New York attacks on 9/11, but they sure are close. In physical distance, England is a very long way away from me, but...then...so is New York. They're both somewhat foreign to me. People from both places talk with funny accents. Both places seem significantly overpopulated as compared to where I live. And while New York shares a country with the state that I live in, England seems much more familiar. I mean, we study England (at least I did) in grade school as part of the Revolutionary War; I don't recall studying anything having to do with New York. And we trace our laws to England. "The precedent for that dates back to British common law" is a statement frequently made in our television shows.

I guess the point I'm making is that the fact that the attacks happened outside of the political borders of the United States doesn't make it seem foreign to me. I wouldn't feel any different if it happened to, say, New Orleans. Except for one thing: I'd be expressing anger if it happened in New Orleans.

What would come across as an expression of anger would be borne of a sense of efficacy, a feeling of being able to exert at least some control or influence over the response to the attacks. If it's MY country, then my government will listen to me (indeed, in my country, my government IS me - along with my fellow citizens).

But this attack hasn't occurred within my sphere of influence. It's happened not just "wayyyyyyyyyyy over there" (which was the case for New York, also), but has happened in a place which is beyond my ability to act. Instead, I'm just a member of the audience, watching helplessly, though with empathy, but without any lines.

In that sense, this attack is even more difficult than what happened on 9/11. Thank goodness that the number of victims were not as many.

Posted by: Jeff at July 9, 2005 02:20 AM

I feel impotent. :-(

Posted by: kenny at July 9, 2005 04:45 AM

I just stumbled across this well written blog a few days ago. Wow Jeff, that comment was excellent! It was exactly what I was feeling but I couldn't put it into words.

I also feel the same way about the death of relatives if they live far away. Their death doesn't really affect me the way a death would if it were someone local.

Doesn't mean that I don't love them, but it just feels different...and I feel helpless.

Posted by: greenie at August 15, 2005 09:50 PM

Hiya greenie!

Posted by: Jeff at August 16, 2005 12:50 AM

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