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August 07, 2005

A Fund to Fix Fangs

Do yourself a favor by helping someone else. You'll feel good when you do.

There are all kinds of organizations out there which are out to cure this or that disease, or feed the hungry by the masses, or...whatever. But there's something much, much more rewarding about helping a specific individual directly, rather than through others.

There's an interesting weblog called Electric Venom whose blogger had an unfortunate accident this month:

Emergency Room Blogging

Oh the pain, pain, pain! I'm at the ER, bleeding all over my blouse. Took the Venomous Boy on a bike ride this evening and I wiped out. Hit my mouth on the handle bars - two teeth gone, at least 3 others cracked and/or chipped.

Look for light blogging tomorrow, if any. It's gonna be a long nite.

((mo-blogged from my Treo))

So now she's not only burdened with a permanent injury, but she's also burdened with the temporary debt required to pay for the dental equivalent of crutches and the medical bills as well.

So what's a dollar or two or five? Well, it's your opportunity to help someone out. Give - you'll be glad you did. And, some day in your future, when you could use a helping hand, someone may just be interested in brightening their own day by helping you.

Fang Fund

Posted by Jeff at August 7, 2005 09:23 PM

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