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August 12, 2005

Remember the "Fang Fund"?

There's an interesting weblog called Electric Venom whose blogger had an unfortunate accident this month:

Emergency Room Blogging

Oh the pain, pain, pain! I'm at the ER, bleeding all over my blouse. Took the Venomous Boy on a bike ride this evening and I wiped out. Hit my mouth on the handle bars - two teeth gone, at least 3 others cracked and/or chipped.

Look for light blogging tomorrow, if any. It's gonna be a long nite.

((mo-blogged from my Treo))

The most recent update is this:

Got Fangs?

Well, I do!

The good news: the flippers fit, and they look pretty darned good!

The bad news: I had two more teeth extracted before the flippers went in, and they hurt like hell on my still-tender gums. I'm back on Lortab and antibiotics to prevent getting "dry socket" again. So, I'll be following my dentist's instructions to remain in bed the rest of the day. That's not going to be too hard - right now, all I want to do is sleep.

See you in the morning!

The previous day's update included:

Thanks to your contributions, the Fang Fund has reached $7,959.42 - which means that it's almost entirely full! Your generosity has been amazing, and I am so very thankful to all of you. Tomorrow when I put those flippers on for the first time, whether they hurt or not, I am going to be smiling and it's all because of you!

So if you're interested in feeling good for having participated in a random act of kindness, click visit the original Fang Fund blog entry, then pass along a donation to help someone who has had a tough break.

Posted by Jeff at August 12, 2005 05:52 PM

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