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August 13, 2005

America Dodged a Bullet

Yesterday, while reading another weblog, I was reminded of just how important it was for President Bush to be re-elected. The weblog in question was that of Wil Wheaton, the fellow who played Wesley Crusher on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Wil Wheaton, it seems, like most of Hollywood, is on the political left. He seems completely out of touch with how "the real world" works. Sure, his strange little corner of it is as real as anyone else's, but it's a terribly uncommon world unshared by the rest of us (I get a serious kick that his "about" page tells us that since leaving Star Trek, he "tried life as a hobo, riding the rails across the US", followed by "finding his calling" working in a "waffle house" shortly thereafter, a job which he couldn't hold and, "heart broken and disillusioned", he went back to L.A. to write books). He's been weblogging for years, it seems, and I wanted to see what, if anything, he had to say about the re-election of George Bush.

Nov. 1, 2004

I believe that we much [sic] reject George W. Bush and the direction he's taken our country. Even if we (hopefully) end up with a new president tomorrow, it will take decades to repair the damage George Bush has done in just four years....

This election is a referendum on the policies and leadership of President Bush....

Nov. 3, 2004

I'm stunned, and at a total loss for words this morning, so I'm going to borrow some words from Oliver Willis:

The amazing thing to me about this race was that Bush could be as divisive as he wanted to be, but it never penalized him. The most important things in the world were responded to with infantile answers or complete ignorance. Where he stood was clear. Simplicity wins.

Apparently, my country holds a fundamentally different set of values than I thought we did, and that scares the shit out of me. I still believe that Bush is bad for America, and though I'm virtually certain that the next four years will be an absolute disaster. Not just because we have gotten four more years of the Bush agenda, but because this election has been an enthusiastic endorsement of that agenda.

I hoped I would wake up this morning to the good news that our long national nightmare was over.

It's not over.

It's just beginning.

The truth is that a nightmare was averted. He was right that the vote was a referendum on America's actions in the previous 3.5 years, and he's right that the vote was an enthusiastic endorsement of that agenda. Can you imagine what would've resulted from a George Bush defeat?

For several years, misguided people across the globe have been denouncing America, agreeing with Wil Wheaton that the effects of America's actions during President Bush's term can accurately be described as "damage" - and damage which will take decades to repair. Now just imagine what world consciousness about America would be if George Bush had not been re-elected. He'd have been perceived as having been "thrown out of office" by his own people. Those across the globe who have been lambasting America would've had their criticisms validated by Americans themselves. America would've been seen as the self-admitted great satan of the world, a country which owes much to the rest of the world for its hubris (the lefties' new favorite word) and the destruction which followed from it. America would be seen as having been sent to the back of the world's classroom, to sit in a corner, with a dunce cap on its head, where it'd be expected to follow, from now on, the much higher and mightier moral authority of the rest of the world.

And it would be a sickening misappreciation of what's really going on.

America, including - if not especially - America under the leadership of President George W. Bush, can not only be proud of itself, but still more proud of itself than that of any other nation. Freedom still rings here better than it rings anywhere else. What passes for freedom in other previously Americanized countries, such as Canada and Great Britian, tend to be statist encroachments upon freedoms. We're seeing these kinds of encroachments on our freedoms here at home (affirmative action, for example: a requirement by the state that we shall hold a persons race to be not only important, but an indespensible measure of the man in question, tattooed from birth), but we're still far ahead of the rest of the world. America is also tremendously generous to other nations in terms of charity, America is still a leader in technological innovation, including innovations which reduce our impact on the natural environment. The list, for America - unlike most other countries - can go on and on. America is not merely good, America is GREAT. No culture has done more good for humanity than that which forms the basis of America's politics.

So just imagine what would've happened had George W. Bush not been re-elected. The whole world would be pulling America down, helped by leftist Americans themselves, and instead of Democratic childish obstructionism in the senate hampering the American agenda, the Libertarians and the Republicans would be left fighting like America's founding minutemen, to prevent the once great United States from being stamped down into the the Union of Amerikan Socialist Republics.

With the re-election of President George W. Bush, America has maintained its moral authority in the world.

PS: With regard to the quote above which suggests that George W. Bush was divisive, we should all know by now who is really dividing America.

Posted by Jeff at August 13, 2005 04:35 PM

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