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October 12, 2005

New Holy Entrails: Archangel of Afterbirth

All eleven tracks on this album are killer, but a few really stand out. For instance, Phil Meicox totally shreds on both Coffins of Mercy and Bloody Sodom. Also, Neelin Praier's double-bass action on Axes of Menace should leave no doubt that Holy Entrails can pound with the best of'em. But, so far, I haven't even mentioned the best of the album: Cole Catheter's vox is unbeatable (even puts Halford to shame); you've never heard anyone wail quite like he does on Black Night of Nazareth or growl like his vox on Necrophelia.

Lyrically, it's awesome too. The title track, Archangel of Afterbirth is about a fetus possessed by satan that is aborted during the second trimester of the mother's pregnancy. It's pulled out alive and it rips open the throat of the doctor who aborted him; the mother's entrails are used as a rope for him to shimmy his way back down to hell. I hear that during their tour, they're going to throw goat's intenstines out into the audience (FU*K YEAH!) to simulate the mother's womb and guts.

Yep, this is some killer music.

(That's my opinion of "death metal".)

Posted by Jeff at October 12, 2005 02:25 AM

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