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November 01, 2005

The Senate's Closed Session

There are 5 columnists whom I regularly read. They can be found in my list of columnists, at the time of this writing, located on the far right column of this page. I like each of them for different reasons, though they're all conservative politically.

Mark Steyn is arguably my favorite. He's the most well rounded of all of the columnists. His analyses of events are very colorful and interesting. The breadth of his knowledge of the facts is unparallelled by anyone, and his knowledge of history is deep and rich.

William F. Buckley is arguably my least favorite. I have to admit, a third of the time I have no idea what he's talking about. Reading his columns is sometimes like sitting down to dinner with...I don't know...the Queen of England, or someone like that, and being presented with 50 different forks, spoons, and plates, each one for a specific purpose, and not having a clue as to the protocol of their use. However, he often provides interesting insights into events which other columnists miss.

Charles Krauthammer is somewhat new to me, so I've little to say about his writing other than that I like it so far.

Then there's James Taranto, writing for the Opinion Journal's Best of the Web Today. Taranto is great for when you want to see the members of the left stripped naked, their ugliness unwrapped, the make-up off, the spin gone. He must have a large staff doing a lot of research in order for him to illuminate the hypocrisy of the left's politicians, pulling statements up that they made 3 years ago which directly contradict statements they're making today, and only because the other side was under attack back then. And his sarcasm is priceless. And, what's great about Taranto, is he writes a new column each and every day.

But there's one columnist who I think stands out in a very unique and valuable way: George F. Will. While Mark Steyn seems unusually intelligent in terms of creativity, George F. Will seems to excel in the opposite: he's cold as a calculator, rigid, and logical. The man cuts through all of the hyperbole, provides none of his own, and presents arguments logically and factually. He, also, is priceless.

And George F. Will is whom I most want to read with regard to this issue with Harry Reid sending the senate behind closed doors today. But, unfortunately, his columns are few and far between.

I'd like to read Will's thoughts on the issue, because I understand it so little. It seems to me that it wasn't Reid that made the news today, but Bill Frist. Imagine that Frist had, instead of complaining about the tactic, had simply ignored it, gave the media no statement, and had gone into the closed senate session without a word. Would there be any media attention at all? Frist's being flabbergasted seems to me to be what drove the story. The leftists loved that - and the media are, by and large, leftists.

And why should anyone care? I mean, they were working on an important piece of legislation, work which was brought to halt by the decision to enter into a closed session. That's annoying. But that issue could've been presented to the media without all of the huffing and puffing about the "stunt" pulled by Reid. Instead of the story being about the "stunt" and how Republicans received it, the story could've been about Democrats wasting the senate's valuable time.

So I don't really get what the big deal is. I don't know what is going on. I don't want spin. I don't want Democrats made out to be idiots. I just want the facts, cold, and simple. What...is...going...on. I'd love to read George Will's thoughts on this. But, George Will hasn't got a column about it available.

But, so far, the best I've found is this:

Fort Sumter 2005

Posted by Jeff at November 1, 2005 11:48 PM

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