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November 07, 2005

Are Democracy and Islam Compatible?

Someone asked this on a message board that I frequent:

For the record I do tend to think Democracy and Isalm are at odds, and don't coexist too well, but time will tell.

It seems to me that this subject can be broken down a bit more for clarity. I don't think that anyone disagrees with you on that. Those who do disagree, or think that they disagree, are people who just haven't thought the issue through to its end.

The real issue is: Which will win? Democracy? Or what you are referring to here as "Islam"?

Those of us on the pro-democracy side of the equation say that it is democracy which will win. That is, people will choose democracy over what you are referring to as "Islam".

The issue that gets missed is that what you are referring to as "Islam" is not the only religion which is referred to as "Islam". Sure, what you are referring to as "Islam" is Islam, but your point would be much better served if you referred to it as something along the lines of radical extremist fundamentalist Islam. It is that Islam, the radical extremist fundamentalist type of Islam, which is incompatible with democracy and which will be flushed down their toilets by the overwhelming vast majority of those who are given the new choice of democracy (or dropped down their outhouses, if they don't yet have indoor plumbing).

The other kind of Islam, which is the most prevalent type of Islam, can survive well in democracy and is benign, except, perhaps, in the cultural sense. But, then, the as the current trials about getting "Intelligent Design" (ironic name) into the public schools demonstrates, the "benign" form of Christianity ain't all that great either.

Posted by Jeff at November 7, 2005 12:27 PM

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