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November 11, 2005

Bring it on!

So I wander over to Little Green Footballs for a quick perusal of the goings on of the day, and I'm greeted at the top of the page with this little tidbit:

The Muslim community's police and security working group report makes clear that many believe the present anti-terror regime is already excessive, and that the measures risk provoking further radicalisation of young British Muslims.

It says the proposal to make 'inciting, justifying or glorifying terrorism' a criminal offence 'could lead to a significant chill factor in the Muslim community in expressing legitimate support for self-determination struggles around the world'. It could also lead to a fear of using 'legitimate concepts and terminology' because of the anxiety of being misunderstood by authorities ignorant of Arabic/Islamic vocabulary. For instance, a speech on jihad could easily be misunderstood as glorifying terrorism, and the 'extremely thin line' between empathising with the Palestinian cause and justifying the actions of suicide bombers could not be drawn with any legal certainty.

Well, isn't that just lovely.

There's a great episode of the old sit-com, "Night Court", in which someone stole the original draft of the Declaration of Independence and was holding it hostage inside Harry's court. There are two great scenes in that episode.

One was when an FBI agent was asked how the situation should be dealt with. He said something along the lines of, "First we cut off food, water, heat, and electricity, then we wait for negotiations to break down, then shoot him."

The other began just outside of the courtroom and shots were heard fired within the courtroom. Harry and company ran into the courtroom and demanded to know what happened (transcript from a very, very old memory):

"I was attacked and compelled to use deadly force!" the FBI agent explained.

"On a mosquito!", the perpetrator holding the D-of-I reported.

"That mosquito was hopped up on drugs! It had the power of TEN mosquitoes!!!" the FBI agent responded.

Both of those scenes are good examples of how this war on terror should be conducted with regard to the Muslim community, particularly the Muslim communities in Europe: 1) Give NO ground, and 2) over-respond at every possible opportunity.

If they don't like it, they can root the bad apples from their membership. It seems very odd that the "greater Muslim community" hasn't, and doesn't, play a very significant and visible daily part in this war against terror. You'd think that, for political purposes (i.e., for the sake of appearances), they'd be falling all over themselves to participate in ending the fundamentalist "jihad".

And that's just the point: THEY aren't the least bit concerned with how they appear to the non-Muslim community which is fighting this war on terror...so why, pray tell, are we falling all over ourselves to be politically correct for the sake of how we appear to them? Because we FEAR them? We're AFRAID that they'll attack again?

That is it, isn't it?

Bush's demeanor in the beginning of this war on terror was appropriate, and now severely under-used: BRING IT ON!

Posted by Jeff at November 11, 2005 12:15 AM


A fine mind you have. And what if the whole world was full of logical people who could somehow manage to govern themselves? Then God would have become a liar. Everything that he knew of human beings would have been false. We would be somehow able to logically solve all of our own problems. It is maddening to understand that our great leaders of the day couldn't think their way out of a paper bag. It's called: "You reap what you sew"! A scientist might call it "cause and effect". Either way: we will always need a victim and somebody to blame it on and God will always need another laugh (actually, I'm sure it must pain him to have to smack our little behinds). Sure, all of these problems could be solved if mankind had ever had any common sense. But, wisdom is always attained from listening, seeing and paying attention to what was just taken in. If you refuse to see what you are being shown - how can you ever learn? It has been the problem from the beginning. Neither side will ever hear God - until millions are dead. It has happened over and over again. God made us in His image and He never said that we were going to get smarter. We thought that we were getting smarter, but, it never really did happen. Did it? There is an alternate plan and it does not involve human beings being able to solve any of their problems.


Posted by: TheFisher at November 15, 2005 11:23 PM

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