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April 12, 2006

The Twilight Zone

The open-border "scamnesty" crowd and Hollywood liberals are going beserk!

GOP Congressional Candidate Vernon Robinson has a refreshingly bold TV ad that has whipped the liberals into a hysterical frenzy! The Rainbow Coalition has demanded that Vernon Robinson take the TV ad down because, among other things, it features Jesse Jackson's mug shot.

Liberal MSNBC journalist Keith Olbermann broadcast Vernon's ad on his "Countdown" show last month and said only, "Well, I'll just let it speak for itself." Vernon Robinson's Democrat opponent has posted Vernon's ad on the left wing websites and is actually using it to raise money. One left-wing blogger wrote, "My head just exploded!" Another wrote, "It's worse than the Swift Boat and Willie Horton ads combined."

Because the spot uses a clip from "Leave it to Beaver" and the theme music from "The Twilight Zone," the lawyers for actor Jerry Mathers (the "Beaver"), CBS Television Studios, and the Screen Actors Guild contacted our campaign last week. They told us their clients are being pressured by the militant homosexual activists and the illegal alien advocacy groups to "take legal action" if we don't take down the ad. Our campaign's lawyers assure us that the ad fits squarely within the "fair use" exception for protected political speech.

Every conservative should watch this ad. You'll find a link to the ad at the bottom of this page. But before you go to it, please read the letter below from Vernon. You'll understand why the thought of Vernon Robinson's election to Congress is enough to make a liberal's head explode and why Vernon needs your support!

Michelle Smith
Robinson for Congress

Too funny.

Video of the ad.

Posted by Jeff at April 12, 2006 02:25 AM

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