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July 01, 2006

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Well, I won't be forking out any dollars to see the new Superman movie. A few days ago, on the 26th, I wrote on a bulletin board website:

I have no expectations of [Superman V] being any good at all.

The Christopher Reeve Superman movies sucked rocks. They were freaking stupid. In one movie, when the bad guys were creating a hurricane down a city street in Metropolis, a phone booth gets knocked over and the guy who was using the phone just keeps right on talking, now laying on his side in the booth, laughing his ass off while he's talking, as if nothing happened (or was happening around him). I suppose that was supposed to be funny, and defenders would say, "Hey, it's based upon a COMIC BOOK! It's supposed to be dumb!" I say: Mission accomplished, then.

I've seen so very very little in the way of previewing the current movie. But the choice of actor to play Superman doesn't exactly give it a boost.

Also: Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I see the politically correct, pinko culture of Hollywood distancing themselves as far as they can get from what Superman was all about. I don't think I could bear to see that at this point in time (and I don't see much point in awarding Hollywood with my dollar for doing it a disservice). We've had a rough few years - and have come out on top - but the choir could certainly use a song for their efforts.

Well, politically correct is exactly what they've made the new Superman, and politically correctness, it seems, now not only means avoiding obviously bad language such as racial epithets, but now lumps into the "bad" category any claim that the American Way is good. The very point from the beginning of Superman was that he would defend American values - such as truth and justice. The movie producers' implication is that, now, American values no longer are grouped with such desirable concepts.

Some may claim that the producers did it as a cash grab, that the audience for American movies is worldwide and some of them aren't all that happy with us right now. Perhaps they thought they'd be boycotted if Superman was tied to American values. Well, that's just the point, isn't it? Defending America requires taking the argument to America's detractors. It may offend some, sure, but others who are undecided just may think, at some level: I like Superman, I want to be like him and stand for the same values for which he stands - "the American Way". Many a youngster introduced to Superman has felt that way. But now, those who want to be like Superman will go back and learn more about him - and notice that he's abandoned the American portion of his catch-phrase. What are they to assume from his hero's judgment of America now?

A Superman movie is precisely the type of movie that I like to see. I am their target audience. I am their implied audience. I am their base. And I won't be seeing this movie. Am I part of a disorganized boycott? Well, there's an awful lot of bad reviews of the movie, and I've yet to see a good one. The reviews which hold it in the highest esteem seem to be those which simply report on the facts of the movie, without making any judgments of its worth. Consciously or subconsciously, I suspect that "...and all that stuff" is taking an effect. - and it's money down the drain.

Posted by Jeff at July 1, 2006 12:27 PM


Ok, i know who superman is and all, but i won't even bother watching the movie. What a waste of money!!!!!!!!!I'd be better off watching Nickelodeon(J/K) I mean,............Disney Channel.

Posted by: Aby at November 26, 2006 05:55 PM

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