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July 08, 2006

Vernon Robinson

Now this guy, Vernon Robinson, has some interesting campaign ads. He is running for congress against Brad Miller in North Carolina. Here are his ads:

That's interesting stuff. Personally, I agree with him especially on the race issue. Do you agree with the following points?

Black skinned Americans lag behind other racial groups in America in many key areas, particularly that of economic success, because racism holds them down.

Black skinned Americans lag behind because of their own lack of taking personal responsibility for their conditions, individually.

My answer is that it's both. But let's be clear about what kind of racism holds them back: it's the racism of the American Left which sets lower standards for black-skinned people in schools and the workplace, and which assigns to black skinned individuals a separate "culture" from the rest of us (see the bottom of "My McDonald's Experience", prior to the comments, for just one example of young black skinned children being severely handicapped as compared to all other races). There can be no doubt that this type of institutional racism is the single most destructive element which "keeps the black man down".

The Democrats, by the way, have a vested interest in racism. Ask yourself: What would be the effect on the Democratic party if racism completely disappeared? They'd lose half of their base, that's what. No wonder these people have such a dismal record of appointing minorities to leadership positions, and no wonder Republicans - like George W. Bush - have such a laudible record, and no wonder Democrats and welfare beggars hate Condi so much.

Posted by Jeff at July 8, 2006 01:02 PM



I'm new to your blog. I like the way you go after issues. You do have heart. You don't seem to stutter. Still, I think you mistake what you see in the media as black culture. I attribute these lapses of judgment to a naive empiricism, for instance, just because a stick appears to bend when it enters water doesn't make it a bent stick.
What is black culture?
Despite one hundred years of harmful public policies--and we can include the leftist 60s also, for arguments sake--black people have survived and most are still here making a contribution to their families and society. The Indians are mostly gone. Why?
It's obvious that you are not so good with handling irony because in American history the irony can pose a challenge to your thinking. Also, I have found that once I established friendships with people outside of my race/culture, it often affected my ideas of the culture. When I was young, I never knew that there were poor, struggling, white people. I genuinely thought that all white people were rich or at least comfortable. That's the portrayal in the media. How are blacks portrayed? My extra-cultral friendships changed my writing. Why would that happen? Should that have happened? Why should experience muddle any maxims that come from clear thinking? Who needs experience? Hmmm.

Posted by: Greg Johnson at June 27, 2007 10:21 AM

@Greg: I'm lost on where you're getting those ideas. I made no references to any such phenomenon as "black culture" on any of my weblog pages (unless I was quoting someone else, either specific or non-specific). Also, I don't think that there exists such a thing as "black culture" any more than there exists such a thing as "white culture" (which doesn't exist). I made reference to "black trash culture" which certainly does exist, and is actually argued for and protected by wackos:


Associating black skinned people with this culture is a racist idea and is false: though the "culture's" members are nearly all black skinned, the overwhelming vast majority of black skinned people are not part of that culture. The "culture" itself, however, is racist by virtue of its race selection, as also are the majority of its members racist.

Posted by: Jeff at June 27, 2007 08:46 PM

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