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July 19, 2006


So I'm visiting my mother one night, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, and we'd just finished dinner. We're outside on their back deck when I hear my step-dad call out to my mother and say, "Look at that bird. It must be sick or something." He was pointing down to something in the grass.

I walked over to where he was, looked over the railing, and down there in the grass was a cockatiel trying to get some shut eye. I said, "That's somebody's pet."

"How do you know?" my step dad asked.

"That kind of bird doesn't live in the United States," I responded.

Now I already had a pet bird, a peach fronted conure named "Charlie". I had Charlie for about 12 years. I don't know how old he was when I got him, but I have a feeling that he was no spring chicken. In spite of having him for so very long, I took very very few photos of him. He died about 5 years ago. Here's a couple of photos that I just found to scan in - they're not good, but they and just a couple of others are all that I have (incidentally, that fish was named, "Grouper"; he was about 4 years old, there; he died at about age 11 whilst living in an 80 gallon fish tank):

Charlie, the peach front conure

Charlie was a brilliant animal, brain wise. Conures and parrots are like that. Most people have pet dogs and/or pet cats, and everyone thinks that their pet is intelligent. People argue over which is smarter, cats or dogs. Dogs seem dumb, but they can learn lots of tricks. Cats seem smart, but just try to train them to do anything. After some time with either one, you learn what kind of intelligence each of them has, and they seem smart to you once you've learned about them.

Charlie, on the other hand, had all of the intelligence of a dog and all of the intelligence of a cat. If you've never had a conure or a parrot before, you just wouldn't understand, but the levels of communication which are available between humans and those birds is shocking. It takes a bit to grow accustomed to it. Dogs and cats are a bit lower on the ladder (yes, I know, I'll never convince you...your dog or cat is as brilliant as a human).

Anyway, being familiar with birds as I was, I walked down to that cockatiel which was on the grass and gently talked to it as I extended my finger in front of it. The thing hopped right on.

For a couple of years the cockatiel didn't have a name. The day I got it, I named it, "Einstein", as a sort of partner to Charlie who was named after Charles Darwin. However, I shortly discovered that this cockatiel was no "Einstein". The intelligence which goes along with conures and parrots just plain isn't there with cockatiels. In fact, I used to say that, after getting the cockatiel, I felt a whole lot better about eating chickens. The truth is that the cockatiel is probably as smart as a dog or a cat, but just has different limitations. But, for ages I thought of the thing as being very slow witted, but that was because I was comparing it to Charlie.

After a while, it finally got a name. It was constantly whistling at me to communicate, so I used to call it, "you little whistle bird!" Sounds dumb, and it was. So what. Eventually that became "Whistles" - which quickly was baby-talked into "Whiskles". Here's Whisks:

Whiskles, the cockatiel

When I found Whiskles, I checked the classifieds for people who were missing a pet cockatiel. To my recollection, there were 7 people advertising for a lost cockatiel. Two of them, after describing the bird on the phone, thought that it was worth stopping by to see if it was theirs, but it had no takers. So, I wound up with a new pet - a companion for Charlie. The only problem: They hated each other. Oh well.

Anyway, fast forward to tonight, July 18, 2006. I'd just finished a workout and I went to my bedroom to look something up on the Internet (Apex nutrition bars, if you must know). While I was there, Whiskles whistled to me. I whistled back. And another bird outside whistled back in the same way. It was a very loud whistle, and I guessed that it must be a magpie:

Black Billed Magpie

Those birds seem to like it around my house and they seem to make all different kinds of noises. I figured that the loud whistle that I was hearing would probably be a cinch for them.

I whistled back to my bird, and the bird outside whistled back...then my bird took its turn. I didn't actually think that the bird outside was whistling back, I just thought it was out there minding its own business. Anyway, this kept up for about 2 or 3 minutes, and I thought it was strange that Whiskles hadn't bothered flying downstairs to my shoulder as he'd normally do. So, I went upstairs to get him.

He was in the window sill between his cage and the window, which happens to be a place where I can't get to him. That's no big deal, because once I'm there saying, "Come on, come on...", as you would to a dog or a cat, he nearly always climbs up over the cage and to me.

Not this time, though.

Instead, he stayed put there in the window, looking out at something. I whistled to him...but he didn't answer. Instead that damned bird outside whistled back again.

I wanted to see what kind of bird it was that was doing this whistling, so I walked over to my sliding door, which was open (the screen was shut), and looked into the trees, expecting to see a magpie. I whistled - a bird whistled back, but I still couldn't see it.

Looking deeper and more carefully into the trees, I whistled again. It whistled back, and this time I realized that the sound wasn't coming from the trees, but was coming from over to the right near Whiskles' window where there were no trees available - and the sound was very close! I pressed my head against the screen and looked over to the right...and there it was sitting on my deck railing:

Stray cockatiel

Definitely not a magpie.

I walked outside, stuck my finger out in front of it, it hopped on and we went inside.

About 3 seconds after getting inside, it spied Whiskles' food - and it flew off of my finger and started pigging out. I got it a fresh few cubes of food, shut the cage door, locked Whiskles in the bathroom, and headed outside to retrieve Whiskles' old cage from back when Charlie was alive. I hadn't even cleaned the thing before I stored it. I put it in the bathtub and gave it a good cleaning. Now that cage is upstairs hanging from a hook on the ceiling, the door open, with the new cockatiel inside. It sure seems happy to have a cage. It's probably felt pretty exposed outside, for however long its been there.

Anyway, here's the thing: I checked the classifieds for lost cockatiels and - not a single ad. Somehow I just know I'm going to get stuck with this thing. I think it's young, too. I was expecting to be bird free within a decade. So much for that.

Posted by Jeff at July 19, 2006 01:17 AM


Wow! You are lucky:D. I do believe the new one is a girl, i can see some barring on the tail feathers. If it is a girl, do you plan on breeding? I am going to breed my babygirl, Jasmine, with a whiteface pearl male, i am so excited:).


Posted by: Kylee at July 21, 2006 09:41 PM


I hope this doesn't constitute spam but I read with interest your story about finding the two cockatiels. You seem to know a lot about birds and I was wondering if you or anyone elso could help me figure out what kind of parrot I have and how to take good care of him.

Okay so I bought this parrot at a swap meet in Tijuana B.C. Mexico where I live and work, the guy I bought him from walks around with a really large contraption on his back that is about five feet tall, it is about four or five square cages attached together with many different parrots including a few very large ones. Anyway I thought it was kind of cool the way this guy walks around with all these birds on his back and I somewhat impulsively decided to buy one after talking to the guy and viewing them for a little while. The parrot I bought only cost me about $42 U.S. which included his cage and food dish. Anyway he is a very good looking bird with many different shades of green and some deep blue on his wings, also some orange in the center of his head above his beak, yellow circle around his eyes. The problem is this bird is obviously not "domesticated". I have had him for about three weeks and I must admit he has only been out of his cage one time since, that time I had reached in, got ahold of him and pulled him out and set him down on the floor of my bedroom. The guy I bought him from said that he could not fly so I was pretty startled when a little while later he flew right by my head and into the bathroom where he remained for some time obviously trying to avoid me. Well eventually I figured it was time to put him back in his little cage so I went into the bathroom to retrieve him, he was hiding behind the toilet which I figured was good because I had him cornered. Well when I went to grab him he started "screaming" really loudly something that I'm sure meant he thought my intention was to eat him for lunch, I got him in my hands as gently as possible but he bit my thumb really hard (cut my thumb I bled a little), I didn't want to let him go but he didn't let my thumb go either, I got him back in his cage and he hasn't been out since. I change his food water and newspaper everyday and every time he moves to a different part of the cage sometimes climbing towards the top. Most of the time he is very quiet. Before I pulled him out of the cage that one time I used to leave his door open so he could come out on his own but he never did I'm assuming because I was there though odly enough he spends a lot of time trying to chew his way out even while I'm watching him.

So what do I do to convince this bird that I'm not going to eat him and to quit biting me? I try talking to him a lot while he's in his cage and he just looks at me sometimes turning his head to get a better view. Oftentimes he leans forward and opens his beak as if to say something but no sound comes out, sometimes he makes little sounds. He looks much more like Charlie than most other pictures of parrots I've seen. A guy here at a store that sells birds and related accessories said that I should wear some gloves and pull him out of his cage every day and handle him for 5-10 minutes and if he doesn't stop biting me and otherwise freaking out after about two weeks to get rid of him. Is this a wise approach? Am I just really bad with birds or does this kind of thing take a long time?

Also I must admit that one of my main motivations in getting a parrot in the first place was because I was hoping to teach him to say a few things like "Hola" and "como estas?" but so far this bird hasn't said a damn thing and I think maybe it's not the kind of parrot that can "talk".

Oh by the way he doesn't have a name yet, for now I'm just calling him "cotorro loco".

Anyway any advice would be *greatly* appreciated!


Posted by: Jeremy at November 21, 2006 12:41 AM

It sounds to me like there's nothing you can do. I suspect that you've purchased an animal which was poached from the wild. Where I live, that would be a crime and there are regulations on how birds must be raised/acquired in order to be sold. You'd never find someone wandering around the streets with birds in cages on their backs. You're not bad with birds, you just can't make a wild animal a pet.

Posted by: Jeff at November 21, 2006 12:50 AM

you can contact me if interested in cockatiels, i have fresh and incubated eggs with cockatiels for sale. feel free to contact me

Posted by: leslie at March 13, 2007 11:49 AM

wow thats pretty cool i guess cockatiels like it by your house. i wanted a cockatiel but now i want a quaker(monk) parrakeet but i dont know if they are good birds. do you? i know three people who have this same kind of bird and my cousin gets annoyed by hers and kinda wants to get rid of him but i dont know if i should take him or get a younger one that will know me better and one of the other people wants to get rid of his because he has to many pets and same should i take him or get a younger one? and the other person likes his bird and wants to keep his. these birds seem smart. all three birds talk and one dances to music which is pretty cool. what do you think i should do? do you know if this is a good breed of a bird? i always heard that it is best to get a bird younger so it will know you better and have a better relationship with you and if you want to train it to talk and so tricks you should do this with a younger bird. is this true?

Posted by: liz at April 29, 2007 08:06 PM

wow thats pretty cool i guess cockatiels like it by your house. i wanted a cockatiel but now i want a quaker(monk) parrakeet but i dont know if they are good birds. do you? i know three people who have this same kind of bird and my cousin gets annoyed by hers and kinda wants to get rid of him but i dont know if i should take him or get a younger one that will know me better and one of the other people wants to get rid of his because he has to many pets and same should i take him or get a younger one? and the other person likes his bird and wants to keep his. these birds seem smart. all three birds talk and one dances to music which is pretty cool. what do you think i should do? do you know if this is a good breed of a bird? i always heard that it is best to get a bird younger so it will know you better and have a better relationship with you and if you want to train it to talk and so tricks you should do this with a younger bird. is this true? can you please email me at tennesseewalker_15@hotmail.com if you did i didnt get it :) thanks

Posted by: liz at May 4, 2007 08:47 PM

hey i was just wundering if yu were able to tell what happens to cockatiel's when they get out of there cages..and fly outside ...thats what happened with mine ..and i was wundering yu if yu think that she was going to be oka?..like what happens to them wen they are out there alone?...if yu are able to help me i would like to thank yu dearly..

Posted by: ashlea at June 16, 2007 10:22 AM

I can't believe you actually had two cockatiels just show up in your yard. Then again, I can. People are very irresponsible when it comes to birds, or pets in general. I breed cockatiels, and I love mine dearly. I'm actually looking for a male right now for a lonely female I have, lol. Also, to they guy with the unknown wild bird...sounds like you might have an Amazon. Question is....how big is this bird? There are small birds(finches, canaries, parakeets), Medium birds(cockatiels, quakers, conures), and Large birds(most macaws,african greys, cockatoos). Amazons are about medium to large, depending on who you ask. I consider them medium, seeing as how the Hyacinth macaw, the largest parrot in the world, is huge, and in the large group, and it is considerably larger in comparison. I would say, PLEASE attempt to rehabilitate the bird, tame it and show it affection, you won't regret it. These birds can become magnificent companions, and can have a broad vocabulary. The only way they will talk(really just mimicking) is if they feel comfortable, and in no way threatened. Otherwise, if you are not up to it, give it to someone who will, and is willing to devote their time and effort to doing so. These birds live for quite some time, and 20-80 years of bad temper is no fun. But also, please, when looking for new homes for birds, please do some research. Don't just hand off the bird to a kid or a bird mill, as the bird will most certainly end up loose in the wild, bred to death, or squished by some ignorant person who thinks it's a feathered dog or cat. Birds are, believe it or not, sensitive. More so than most cats and dogs. And in response to the thing about intelligence levels of birds vs dogs vs cats....I have all three. 7 birds, 5 cats, 2 dogs. I think they are all intelligent in their own ways. I also have 2 beautiful Oscars, and they too have shown shocking levels of smarts. Though, at times, in my house, they all get laughed at a time or two for acting stupid. lol. Anyway, if anybody wants to reach me for any reason concerning birds specifically or whatever, feel free. Or if you know anyone with a male Whiteface Lutino(Albino) cockatiel they are willing to sell/give away, or any other bird, for that matter! Katzi2006@earthlink.net

Good luck to all,

Posted by: Kat at June 28, 2007 11:37 PM

Hello,sorry to bother you with my questions.. but you but I ran across your site as I was googling for answers about my bird. I recently purchased a "whiteface" who I was told is 4mths old.. and they assumed is a male. First off.. how do you tell the sex of them? And second off.. he makes this awful noise that is not even easy to explain. Its a low leveled constant cry almost.He usually does it while pacing in front of his cage door, and fluffs up a bit. Is he just wanting out and to be held? (He was a hand-fed baby)And last but not least.. I was under the impression when I bought him, all they did was learn to whistle in immitation, but as I was searching for answers to the cry.. when I come across people saying they can actually talk. Whats the chance he can actually learn words like hello if we try to teach him? -Sorry for so many questions =P

Posted by: Jesalyn at July 1, 2007 10:59 AM

Hi there! Just received a cockatiel for my birthday. I heard that these birds are gorgeous and intelligent. Can you give me some tips how to train him like,please?. He's only 6 weeks old.Thanks
Francesca from Malta

Posted by: Francesca at July 17, 2007 07:41 AM

Crazy thing happened to me, also! We were having dinner outside...mustard greens and homemade cornbread, when a cocateil flew out of the trees and landed on the cornbread. He was so hungry! We named him Charlie, also! We still hear another bird call, but it won't come to us!

Posted by: Gail at September 23, 2007 09:36 AM

Cockatiels are great little birds, very cuddlely and affectionate compared to other birds and the males are very good whistlers and talkers. They are believed to have the intelligence of a 3 y/o child, and if left unattended or deprived of attention, will start behaving like one. My male whiteface 'storm' says several different phrases "Whatcha doin storm?" "Gday mate" "Stormy boy", wolf whistles, does the telephone ring, mexican hat dance...you can basically teach them to say or whistle anything if you have the time and patience for it. You have to start with young birds and say stuff repetitively to them. You will be surprised how quickly they pick up different words. Storm learnt the word 'mate' in 2 days, after only saying it a few times. Eventually they will string whole sentences together. I find my male talks the most when he is trying to win the attention of my female bird. If you lead a busy lifestyle it is probably best to keep 2 or more cockatiels together, as they get very lonely when kept on their own. Lone birds develop a fond relationship with their keepers and will need constant attention in order to keep them happy. If keeping 2 or more males together, dont be surprised if only one or none of them talk/whistle. They are constantly in competition for the 'dominant male' role. Cockatiels will breed freely (even young hand raised birds, i found this out the hard way). They will not produce eggs without a nesting box, but will happily mate with each other nonetheless. Dont try to split them up when this happens, believe it or not they enjoy it greatly. What alot of people dont know about birds, any birds, is that they NEED a fresh daily diet or assorted fruit and vegetables. My cockatiels love carrots, broccoli, zucchini and apples finely cut up and placed in a flat dish on the bottom of their cage. This is very important for the health of your bird, as they will not live long just on a diet of seed alone. My birds also enjoy a handful of muesli or cereal occasionally. I have discovered they are hungrier and more alert in the mornings, which is the best time to try new foods. I recommend buying a hand raised bird, as they are more affectionate and easier to handle. Birds are great value and I recommend them to anyone with alot of time, patience and fair amount of knowledge on bird keeping. Its not a good idea to just buy a bird, if you dont know how to look after it, especially certain parrots, whos diet may consist of entirely different things such as nectar, etc. Please feel free to email me at mushroom_goddess@hotmail.com if you have any questions or concerns about your birds... :)

Posted by: Amy at November 19, 2007 04:55 AM

Hey M8,

love the pics of you the cocks', i have a question if i raised a cockatiel and a cockatoo together wouldnt they compete for room and attention??? anyways i love birds but when they poop its very annoting hahahahaha kidding ta!!


Posted by: Dawn at December 4, 2007 09:17 AM


Posted by: kevin at December 6, 2007 04:18 AM

hi there i lost my cock a few weeks again, i think you got it can you send it back to england so i can do sum more traning to race my mates racing pigeons...... its a top bird thanks mate let meknow :)

Posted by: l3umfights at January 20, 2008 04:52 PM

hi im a first time cocketiel owner and i am having a bit of trouble with him he wont let me pat him on his head and his body and he is always biteing me if any one has any help or advice my email address is seamusmickfly@msn.com ta. and i cant believe two cocketiels just came to your house

Posted by: seamus at March 2, 2008 01:45 AM

i was wondering if u could awncer theses questions i have 2 cockatiels i know one is female because she has laid 3 eggs but i am not sure of the other. they are in 2 diffrent cages the female is not trained and does not like to be handled the other likes to be around people they ar in 2 diffrent cages but im not sure if they have mated or if they even like each other the female will go into the other cage when i let them out i think she likes the other bird but it does not seem intrested in her they will fight when they get too close. I was wondering if the eggs could be fertilized or not because they have spent the night in the same cage at times. Should i have them in the same cage while she is laying the eggs? if the other bird is also female will she hurt hurt eggs? if it is male will it try to help with the eggs if i put them together? I dont have a nest box yet and the female is just laying on the botom of her cage should i put them in anything? her cage is a bit smaller than the other birds cage should i switch there cages or would it be ok to put them together? also she has not been siting on the eggs from what i have seen but i am not home all the time and this is the first time she has ever laid eggs will she sit on them there is 3 or them. i have had them for a year and about 6 months the female was young when i got her the other i dont know the age. i got them to keep each other company and also if they were male and female to breed. I hope you can help me please awncer my questions i need some help. thank you. Kacy.

Posted by: kacy at March 20, 2008 07:41 PM

I used to have a female cockatiel who looks alot like the female you found. I found her at a gas station. She died last fall. Now I have four cockatiels and two parakeets. the ages range from ten months to five years. Congrats on finding two of them in your backyard.

Posted by: kassidy at March 25, 2008 12:01 PM

I suppose it is possible that I may have had the Einstein of cockatiels. Zelda (in retrospect, it was probably really a he despite the name, and that we always referred to the bird as a she.) was an astounding talker and extremely intelligent. Not only the usual "Pretty Bird, Pretty Zelda, Pretty Pretty Zelda." Also, Good girl, Zelda wants a kiss, Zelda wants a head scratch-scratch." And she most certainly knew what these things meant. She had this routine with my partner, Sika. She would sit on her shoulders and announce. "Zelda wants a kiss! Zelda wants a kiss! Give me a Kiss!" Zelda would then reach her head around and make kissing movements with her bill. She wanted to have the top of her bill kissed. When Sika gave her a kiss, Zelda would respond, "Good girl, good girl" and then immediately ask for another. She did love to get head scratches and snuggle up to your lips or nose. She liked it you kissed the top of her head too, and would bow down when she wanted this.

Yes, she would say "Hello" when the phone rang, but also if you were eating something, she would always say "Is that good?" If she heard a sound, such as a bird chirping outside she would say, "What do you hear, Zelda"? We had two cars in the family, and she could recognize the sound of each, getting excited and chirping away as the car was coming up the road. She would fly over near the door and wait to greet you. But if by some chance she missed the sound of the car, for instance if a train was going by at the time, and you said "Where's Sika, or Where's Lizzie? She would get all excited. Sometimes she even hovered in front of the window watching for you to come in. Of if you didn't call her attention to it, and suddenly she heard the door open, she would perk up and say "Who's that?"

I usually called her with "Come here, Zelda, and tap on my chest or shoulder a few times to show her where to go. She would repeat "Come 'ere, come 'ere! and tap tap tap with her bill. (That seemed to be her absolute favorite thing to say.) or "Come on, Zelda"!. She would usually come when you called her. If you said "Go up on your door, Zelda", she would. If you said, "Go up on your ladder Zelda(a ladder which hangs from the ceiling of the kitchen and holds pots and pans, she would do that too.

If you were eating as I already pointed out, she would say "Is that good?", but she would also say in conjunction with this, "Want a bite, Zelda?" She liked to drink water from the tap, especially if she was hanging out with you while you're washing dishes, and she would say "Want a drink, Zelda?"

She would in fact go through entire routines, for instance when it was getting close to the time to put her to bed, which she liked because she knew she would get some new food, she would go through this sequence:

Want to go to bed Zelda?
Come on, come on.
Good girl, good girl.
Time to go to sleep Zelda.
Good Night Zelda.

Lately, she had been coming out with new words and phrases almost every week, but you could tell that she not only spoke them, she knew what they meant and spoke them at appropriate times. There have been so many different things that she said, that I just can't list them all here.

She (he)was an amazing bird. We lost her when she had been riding around on one of our shoulders for so long that day that she was forgotten there, and we walked out of the house. I think the joy of being free was so great, she didn't come when we called, and I'm sure she didn't understand that she wouldn't be able to find her way back.

It's been 2 or 3 days since she escaped. I know we'll have to be extraordinarily lucky to find her, and all of us in the house are broken hearted. I suppose the lesson is, no matter how much a pet bird my enjoy flying about, keep their wings clipped!

So, maybe Zeldie was unusual, and maybe she was the Einstein of the cockatiel world, but I can tell you for a fact that 'tiels can be extremely intelligent! Whether or not we are lucky enough to find Zeldie, we will always remember her with extreme fondness and amazement. We're so sorry that we let such an amazing bird down, and we're heartbroken about losing her.

We have a new baby 'tiel now. He is not as instantly tame as Zeldie was, but we're going to assume that he could be just as intelligent, and hopefully will make a wonderful pet and companion. His wings will stay clipped, however.

Posted by: Glenn at April 15, 2008 12:31 PM

It makes me so sad to read about ppl who've lost their lil tiel babies through having them fly away... It would seem then that my lil baby Petie is most definetly the exception to the rule!

One of Petie's favourite pasttimes was to come bike riding with me... preferably on my head, but if we left the farm, he would sit on my shoulder. 15k bike rides with the dogs and lil Petie whistling William Tell overture, pretending he was a telephone, snuggling and kissing me... brilliant eh?

and it wasn't just bike riding adventures either, he accompianied me to church every week (where he once let rip into song into the microphone when i was playing flute on worship team, the whole congregation craked up, it was gold...), touch football matches (he would play musical shoulders with whoever was off the field), the video store was always amusing, he made friends crossing the street and going shopping all the time cause lil kids would notice him and stare gaping in wonder... he was everyones friend and a ceasless sourse of amusement for all - especially if there was food or reflective surfaces around!!

he was a cheeky lil bugger too, he'd wait till i was just about asleep before letting rip with a "telephone" even though it was dark and he was in his cage... only to laugh when i would yell back "Petie, bed time!" and reply with the cutest lil "I lub u" .

Unfortunalely, like some of the most amazing pet stories, mine ends in grief... despite having read every book available at my local library on raising tiels, none of them informed me that avocado is poisenous to birds and causes heart failure... the lil bugger loved the stuff and attacked it with a zeal rearly inflicted on new foods...

so be warned, not all fresh fruits and vegies are ok... trust me, you don't want to find this out the hard way...

oh, and to everyone who can still celebrate thier pets life -you can't take too many photos and videos, i have about 10 photos and thats it. breaks my heart not being able to relive our past or share it with others, so dont hold back!

Posted by: Amy at May 24, 2008 11:13 AM

I love your story.

Posted by: Maria at August 6, 2008 08:01 PM

omg! that cockatiel looks just like mine! ha.
his name is jack. but i call him jack attack:)

Posted by: Kelsey at August 21, 2008 06:03 PM

omg! that cockatiel looks just like mine! ha.
his name is jack. but i call him jack attack:)

Posted by: Kelsey at August 21, 2008 06:04 PM

I came across your page and saw the cokatiel you found. She looks like a cockatiel I had lost named Lexy. I lost her while cleaning her cage. Would you let me know if she reaponds in any way to the name Lexy? If so, would you e-mail me and let me know? If this is her, I would so appreciate it if I could have her back home.

Posted by: Michelle at December 27, 2008 01:07 PM

man... I've heard stories of lost cockatiels, but to find /two/... that's pretty crazy :P

I have seven myself... I told my mom years ago that I wanted a pet bird, so she started to look into it, and turns out there's this bird rescue place a couple towns away from where we live. Well the lady didn't want to sell just one of her cockatiels... she wanted them all to stay together, since they had been in a kind of 'flock' ever since she had gotten them. So I wound up with 7 cockatiels, a big huge cage, some food, toys, perches, water/food dishes all for $50 American :) very lucky for me ;) however, since they lived in a rescue, they never got much attention, so they're not as people-happy as I would like... most of them will 'step up' when I tell them to, but there are a couple who wouldn't even dream of it... all males, of course ;)

I've had them for about two years now, and am making great progress... most of them wouldn't even come near me when I first got them, but now when I let them out some of them will fly straight to me to get scratched behind the neck or to mess with my hair :)

I think you're very lucky to have found two just like that... even though you weren't really expecting them! I know they don't have the intelligence of a conure or a parrot, but they certainly have the personality to make up for it :D

I hope you enjoy your life with your birds, and if not, I wouldn't mind having them ;)

Posted by: Lynnea at April 15, 2009 08:37 PM

I just lost my cokatiel yesterday. Accidentally flew out of the open patio door & left us devastated. The worst part is, we found the bird an hour later, in the woods behind my house, but he kep flying at 40 feet height above me & would not come down. He then perched on a tree & much as I whistled & called & pleaded, it just did not come down fromthe tree, It stayed there for 4 hrs & later flew away, I guess.
My question is, why did it not come down from the 40 ft tree, onto my shoulder as it usually does in our home? Can it not see far or was it happy with its freedom or was it scared?
If anyone want to give me their talking cockatiel, I would love to have it.

Posted by: VJ at June 29, 2009 10:55 AM

Hiya - I have a male tiel - who is incredibly affectionate and talks well. I am pregnant and concerned that I won't have the time to give him shortly that he deserves. If I get him a girlfriend - will he stop talking? This is the only reason I have held off so far. He is in a lovely big cage. Thanks :-)

Posted by: Sue at August 5, 2009 10:59 PM

Hello beloved bird owners. I have 2 birds- african grey + cockatiel. My cockatiel just flew out my front door 3 days ago in the Kelowna area, BC. Someone didn't close my door as they left and scared her, can you imagine? I am devestated to the core. But I still have hope of finding her, she's been spotted within a couple blocks from my house- and it's been said they will not travel far from home when they become close with their owners.
As for petting cockatiels on the head, um...no bird likes to be pet like a dog or cat, it must be the opposite direction and gentle and takes time to build trust otherwise. If anyone hears of anything around my area by chance, blog this site again!

Happy bird owning....

Posted by: LR at August 10, 2009 07:25 PM

Hi everyone,

Just found myself on this site after searching for information on cockatiel grieving. Firstly though I'd like to say how sorry I am for all these lost cockatiels. I myself have lost a feathered friend; last night infact. I am so grief stricken because I have no idea how he is managing in the wild and he was such a lovely bird.

@VJ: I don't know the true reasons why your beloved didn't come back down but my guess was that he found the wide expanses liberating. It wouldn't have been intentional on his part because he couldn't understand how aweful his circumstances would be in comparison to being with you but if he is as friendly as he seems perhaps he will find a way back or come across a lovely person who will care for him with as much affection as you have yourself.

My own little boy was so sweet and lovely. When I first brought him home he acted like a feral walrus lol. Lots of shouting and fast-paced movements... but he turned into such a sweet tempered and lovely creature. Incredibly friendly too :) He just adored his head, neck and ESPECIALLY his chin being rubbed and would make cooing noises if you rubbed the right spots ^__^ He would walk to me (wings were partially clipped) and fly when he could manage it and always insisted in sleeping beside me, not in his cage but on my pillow or chest. He would even find entrance holes into my duvet so he could snuggle under it with me. Should stop now, the tear-faucet is starting to run :(

Anyway again just want to send my condolences out to those that have lost their wee friends. Keep the faith and just hope for the best.


Posted by: Eeli at August 24, 2009 05:42 PM

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