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August 01, 2006

Interesting Storm

Well, the heat wave is over here. Check out this news story, watch the video - or better - click through the photos: KSL News. Here's a couple of photos from their collection which I found pretty cool (though they don't show any of the destruction):

Stairway waterfall. Storm drain whirlpool.

I guess I got off easy. My power was out for about 7 hours, and my dad came over and helped me trim the damage out of my trees and get the limbs off of my yard. It seemed like quite a bit until I saw that news story at KSL.com (linked above). What I've got is really a lot more than it looks like. Before cutting all of the smaller branches off of the bigger branches, so that they'd stack good and tight, these things covered my front yard.

Debris. Limbs. Firewood.

This road had become a river, and these round granite rocks were rolling in it, I guess:


See my aspens and how they're leaning to one side?


They didn't used to be that way. They nearly were blown over. You can see by looking at the gaping holes on one side of their trunks where they used to be. I hope the roots aren't damaged.

Bent roots.

It must've been one of Arizona's typhoons which got lost along the way.

Posted by Jeff at August 1, 2006 05:41 PM

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