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October 09, 2006

The Self-Abasement of Political Correctness


I just read something ridiculous, quite by accident. Someone on a message board I frequent has just reached a milestone in a beginning nursing career. As a bit of a joke, I searched Google images for nurses uniform lingerie, and quickly found a good, if conservative, photo of a woman wearing nurses lingerie (in the photo to the left), which I intended to include in a response to the message board posting.

I clicked the image link, fully expecting that it would take me to a website which sells the lingerie. Instead, my browser loaded a page from a website called "Nurse Advocacy", which included the photo of the nurses uniform, along with text that begins this way:

January 5, 2005 -- Australian nurses have succeeded in ending advertising for a "naughty nurse" outfit sold by major retailer Bras 'n Things. However, the product remains for sale in the lingerie chain's 150+ stores in Australia and New Zealand, even though the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) has reportedly called for a boycott of the stores unless the outfit is "dropped." The unsigned January 4 piece "Poster makes nurses ill" in the Herald Sun tells the basic story prior to the pulling of the ads, and gets the nurses' point across, though it also includes some condescending description of them. The Center salutes Australian nurses, especially the Australian Nursing Federation, for this campaign. We urge Bras 'n Things to retire the naughty nurse item. Read more below or click here to send our instant letter now.

Well, I clicked their link to compose a letter all right, but it wasn't exactly what they asked for. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Ms. Cheryl Williams and Bras n' Things management:

I've rarely seen anything so ridiculous as the "Nurse Advocacy" grievance about the nurses uniform lingerie. I find it absolutely absurd that you would give in to Puritanical pressures and remove a perfectly acceptable garment from your website.

Perhaps it is none of my business, as I am an American, but it seems to me that the fallout from knee jerk applications of political correctness is a growing problem throughout what we refer to the "free world". With every voluntary capitulation we make to anyone who happens to be offended by who or what we are, what we like or dislike, we only succeed in substituting their values for our own, thus abasing ourselves. This tendency toward self-abasement is having unintended ramifications for western culture all over the globe, in which we take on feelings of embarrassment for being ourselves, while other cultures (who do not share this feeling of self-hatred) move into, grow and multiply among us, with their cultures erasing western culture. Western culture is much too valuable to be lost in this manner.

Please, take a moment to stand up for who you are by re-including the nurses uniform on your website. Giving up ourselves in the face of social pressures does not provide a good example to others, but standing up for ourselves most certainly does. (You would not have had the nurses uniform on your site if you, yourself, did not approve of it prior to the impermissive and prudish outcry from "Nurse Advocacy". Are they really more fit to guide your actions than your own conscience?)


I suggest that anyone who agrees substantially with my position should send a similar letter. In fact, feel free to copy and paste my own letter, above, from this site and into the form at Nurse Advocacy (delete their text first).

In the meantime, and in an effort to give a little bit of real economic pressure in the other direction, here is a link to nurses uniform lingerie which can be purchased from a store that hasn't given into Puritanical social pressures. They deserve your business: Surprise Him.

Actually, there are three whole pages of sexy nurses uniforms there.

Posted by Jeff at October 9, 2006 03:54 PM


= ]. Kudos.

Posted by: Tessa at February 24, 2007 06:34 PM

Yeah. Personally I work as a shepherd and I got really offended by their naughty "little bo peep" costume. I am really OK with the sexualization of youngsters (and sheep), but find the costume insulting and demeaning to shepherds. We are not just sex objects u know. On the other hand I personally find the randy firefighter costume very empowering. Ahhh ... but the sexiest one was the horny Jesus, Mary, and Joseph "three-way" creche, though ... well ... again the shepherd thing. Then there was the pope robes with edible underwear. Reminds me of the good old days.

Posted by: Dick Cheney at May 5, 2007 11:17 PM

I think you are confusing political correctness with good taste. Sleaziness is just that and not a compliment to any occupation thus parodied. :/ Hutchy RN

Posted by: Hutchy at June 14, 2008 10:16 PM

You've completely misunderstood the purpose of the nursing advocacy group and their attempt to get the sexy nurse lingerie removed from circulation! It has nothing to do with political correctness or prudery. There is a substantial body of research that has identified stereotypes of nurses in the media and their relationship with the public image of nurses. These stereotypes translate into, amongst other things, recruitment difficulties and understaffing (and corresponding reductions in quality of care), a lowered sense of self-worth amongst nurses, and the perpetuation of sexist attitudes that are related to sexual harassment of nurses by male patients and doctors. Do you really want to contribute to the continued stereotyping of nurses as sexually available or as sex objects?

Posted by: Badge at September 23, 2008 01:57 PM

I have to agree with Badge. The nurses group does not appear to be motivated by prudishness or aversion to sex as such. They want to be taken seriously in their profession, which you can hardly blame them for.

Posted by: Pete at February 22, 2009 09:09 AM


Posted by: Tysontalbert at June 20, 2009 04:15 PM

i found another one at isabellas Passion

Posted by: James at August 8, 2013 09:29 PM

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