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October 24, 2006

Another "Referendum" Election

Michael Steele's Real Ideas for Change.

Democrats response.

I really really really really really hope that the Democrats make a very poor showing in the elections. I really really really really really do. Once again they're obviously running on an anti-Bush platform. Let'em burn.

Some are saying that this could be like the 1994 midterm election shocker when the Republicans seized control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. If so, the Democrats will win by following the exact opposite strategy from that which brought the Congressional Republicans to power in 1994.

The Republican strategy, crafted by Newt Gingrich, was to spell out their stands on key issues and to promise to bring those issues to a vote in Congress. They called their agenda "The Contract with America."

It is now clear to all that this year's Democrats are deliberately avoiding spelling out any coherent policy program of their own.

Their strategy is to second-guess, denigrate and undermine Republicans instead of offering an agenda of their own. Rather than having a contract with America, they are seeking a blank check from America. Moreover, they may get it.

--Thomas Sowell

The bad news is that things are looking up for the Democrats, according to the polls.

But the good news is that all they have to do in order to fail is to not recapture either the House or the Senate. And even if they make gains, but they fail to capture both of those, then they've really tanked.

Let me tell you something. There's a USA Today columnist, and I forget his name right now. There's a columnist at USA Today who heard me say that everybody's looking at this the wrong way. The media has got everybody focused on: "Will the Republicans lose? Will the Republicans lose? Will the Republicans lose the House? Will Republicans lose the Senate?" and I said in a brilliant monolog earlier this week, "What if the Democrats lose? If they can't win in this kind of climate and environment, they don't even deserve to be a political party.

And this guy picked up on it, thinks I have a point, starts examining whether or not the Democrats have even earned the right to govern. He's a media guy. He begrudgingly acknowledges that I have a point. This whole thing needs to be turned around in terms of looking at the context. Why is it that the reporting day in and day out is always focused on Republicans lose, Republicans lose the House, Republicans lose the Senate. We really don't hear a whole lot of focus on the Democrats doing this to win back the Senate, the Democrats doing this to win back the House. What we hear are never ending stories about how people hate Republicans, and we are never told that the people of this country have anything other than total adoration and love for Democrats.

If you're to believe the mainstream press, there isn't one Democrat who's going to get one negative vote, who's going to lose an election in this race. There isn't one American who has any gripe with any Democrat. All the gripes are aimed at Republicans. Well, we know that's BS. There are 20 million of us, and we have gripes with Democrats. We're being totally ignored in this context.

--Rush Limbaugh

That would be awesome. Let'em tank.

Until and unless the vote can no longer be considered to be, in any way, "a referendum on the presidency and policies of George W. Bush", I will not vote for another Democrat. It's up to the Democratic candidates themselves to define the elections in other terms.

Posted by Jeff at October 24, 2006 05:08 PM

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