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April 24, 2007

Tom Tancredo is running for President

Tom's message deserves YOUR attention!

April 19, 2007

Tom Tancredo here with the latest

Dear Friends,

I must tell you how exciting this campaign has been. I am off to New Hampshire in a few hours, but I want to give you a full briefing.

Last Saturday, I headed to Iowa for another whirlwind day of activity. My Iowa Chairman is a former Marine and is treating me like a fresh recruit. He works me from early morning to late at night without any consideration for my age. But the progress is amazing. I can feel it as I travel from one town to the next.

Let me tell you about Saturday evening. The Iowa Republican party was putting on its Annual Lincoln Day Dinner in Des Moines—about a thousand people were in attendance and all but two of the presidential candidates spoke. You may have seen it on C-Span.

I spoke right after dinner telling them that our leaders—those who have been charged with the responsibility of defending our land, our culture and our sovereignty—refuse to do their jobs.

Every generation of Americans must face its test; a test passed at Valley Forge, on the Normandy beaches, and on Flight 93. Now it's our turn, I told them. That is why I'm running for president. This is our culture; let's fight for it. This is our flag; let’s pick it up. This is our country; let's take it back!

Help Tom win

The response was terrific. Even our friends at the New York Times acknowledged that "Tancredo drew some of the loudest applause of the night"!

The LA Times report was even better:

the best-received was Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado.... Without naming the three leading rivals, he hammered them for supporting moves to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 'However they couch their immigration plans,' he said, 'I assure you their answer is amnesty. It's always amnesty. This is our country,' he concluded, drawing a standing ovation. 'Take it back.'

We have also been getting a great response to the radio ad campaign we launched following the announcement. Folks just love the message about why I am running. You can listen to it yourself by clicking on this link: http://www.teamtancredo.org/media/iowaad.aif.

Well I am leaving for the airport now, but stay tuned. The campaign is progressing fast, and I am looking forward to giving you the full report.

Thanks so much for all your support! Have a great weekend.


P.S. We need help keeping those great radio ads on air. Can you make a contribution today? Thank you very much for anything you can do.

Help Tom win

Posted by Jeff at April 24, 2007 11:41 PM


I will vote for Daffy Duck before I would vote for Tancredo!

Posted by: Jane at June 4, 2007 10:28 PM

I am voting for Tancredo. He's honest and straight forward. He cares about this country and HER people and I am so very ready for someone like that in the White House after these last years.

Posted by: Julie Fine at June 13, 2007 11:27 PM

Tom Tancredo doesn't think Darwin's Theory of Evolution is correct. Now does that sound to you like someone who deserves to be president?

Posted by: Scrappy at June 22, 2007 07:06 PM

Are Republicans allowed to believe in the Theory of Evolution? The party has a base that doesn't allow it to understand even basic science. Hence George Bush.

This allows them to be suckered into supporting guys who "Care about their country" but really only care about the corporate interests they represent.

Posted by: Wayne at June 29, 2007 05:33 PM

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