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December 17, 2007

Mexico Stealing America's Jobs

FARMINGTON - Utah's crackdown on methamphetamine labs is practically complete. After years of vigorous enforcement, authorities say they couldn't find any major meth labs in 2007 to shut down.


Meth use, however, shows no sign of declining.


Drug enforcers say meth bought in Utah is now manufactured in foreign markets, principally Mexico.

Breyer said he started working for the Drug Enforcement Agency at the peak of local production in 2000, and has seen the labs almost eradicated since then. His office seized a stockpile of chemicals necessary for meth production this year, but the lab was not yet operational.


Darned that NAFTA. Posted by Jeff at December 17, 2007 01:51 PM


Howdy, sorry i posted this here but i could find no other place! I have a jackson chameleon around 6 months old and i think its a male. My question is this: He has dark colored spots on him that look almost like pimples with out the white head that do not change color. It started out with only one on its hind quater that i noticed but now there is one one his neck and foot. They do not seem to bother him, and he is still acting normal if there is a normal as far as eating and moving around. I wondered if i should be concerned. I dont know who else to ask and there are no reptile clinics in my area, please help!
Oh, I think that imigrants taking american jobs that people who live here cant find is crap.

Posted by: Charlie Faries at January 14, 2008 04:34 AM

So the DEA is saying that customs isnt doing there job? The labs just go farther underground and the problems remain the same. The demand for it ensures that supply will remain the same. Also i dont see many Americans, including myself, lining up to work in the fields and other types of jobs that immigrants take! Get real!

Posted by: passing thru at March 30, 2008 09:12 PM

personally i hate mexicans, i lived in florida 5 years ago and there was barely and here, then i cam back a few months ago and now theya re everywhere. the thing that pisses me off is ive lived in florida most of my life and never had a problem till now, i mean they take every job no matter what it is, they dont get taxes taken from them, they get money from the goverment to live here and still they are a nuisance, im moving soon to another state but still my veiws are staying the same because even my family who was here 200 years ago has worked every day of their lives to support the future of my family and now my mother is getting layed off all because some mexican can work for less money to do the same job, if pisses me off and i want to say something to the geoverment about it, but everytime i open my mouth oeveryone thinks i am being racist and racially specific towards them, and i am not, i am just mad that not even my family can get keep a job they have had for the past 13 years all because some mexican can do it for less, come on we have to work for so much to support our families, and our own goverment doesnt even give us the same stuff,

ya know its like WTF, what in the hell happened to our goverment saying america first not minorities first

Posted by: Ty Brown at May 19, 2008 02:48 PM

Ty brown is a dumbass and has no life but to sit here and write all that for no reason lol

Posted by: Nicole Sharwz at December 6, 2010 08:13 PM

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