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May 31, 2008

Wake Up America



One thing I love about this election season is that it's exposing these wackos to a country which has been largely ignorant of them and their despicable message. The more of this the nation sees, the better.

Wake Up America!
Posted by Jeff at May 31, 2008 02:57 PM


nice ass kissing by the priest.

Posted by: jas at June 15, 2008 11:11 AM

Well it's 2010 and alas, the mexican take over has just about gone full circle. From 2001 to now, .. we see the effects of our ecomony and how each state in the United States are now housing more immigrants than Americans. Those blue collar jobs we used to work at, those middle class jobs that fed the family's of American's are just about gone. Thing is.. It's over!

Why do people insist that Mexicans are taking jobs that Americans do not want?

That's such a farse! You fools! You've been taken. That's right, you've been had! They're not doing jobs American's don't want!! That was a Farse to get their foot in the door!

They've taken over most if not all of America's blue collar and MIDDLE CLASS positions. That's right, and they're extremely arrogant about it. While we're clinging to our old clunkers now...they drive by in Escalades and Mercedes, and will look down their nose at you as if to say, "Why Are you still here." Have you not noticed, This is Mexico now!"

Yep, they post ads for our jobs in our local newspapers, and job boards stating clearly, SPANISH SPEAKING PREFERRED. That's not funny! It's not funny because that is CODE FOR, MEXICAN'S ONLY NEED APPLY! So if you are AMERICAN, take a hike, no job for you!
We're not talking HOUSE CLEANING or Gardening jobs here. We're speaking of all of the major corporations on down to the smallest of them stating, BILINGUAL PREFERRED, which is a crime against Americans! And let me get one thing straight right here and right now. Mexican’s do not care for black people. They are standing in the shadow of Black people. Using them for a shield, while they carry out their plot to take America! They hate black people. Not one Mexican has ever stood without a country to live in. Nor were they ever brought here as slaves. They didn’t stand in the civil rights movements of the 60’s. They were too busy passing for White. So let’s get that straight now. If they are marching through the street using the pain and suffering of Slaves from Africa, then they are the worst of mankind for it. There was never a plantation of Hispanics stolen from Mexico with a white slave master! They never picked cotton as a slave! So they need to stop perpetrating that LIE. They hate Blacks…and are more racist towards blacks than white people could ever be! So stop this LIE! The only thing Mexican’s have in common with black people is that they IMITATE black behavior. Once they get that down pat, then they walk away like it was always theirs! That’s the Mexican for you! So stop equating them to Black people. THEY HAVE A COUNTRY, and were NEVER slaves!!! America's sympathy is misdirected!

America, You’ve been played, bamboozled and lied to.

The Mexican has used sleight-of-hand and has covertly sabotaged and taken over this country. Yep, It's gone!

So where do American's go from here..Where do we find work to feed our family's, or schools to send them to that's not so over run by Hispanics that they feel they no longer belong? Where?

Is there yet another country willing to take the Throw-Away People, (T.A.P.s) aka American's?

The Mexican's have you looking at your books on immigration laws .. while they're busy eating America out of house and home.

Wall Street has always been greedy. America is not broke because of Wall Street. America is broke because Mexico seized it in 2001 by entering the United States by the millions and NESTING.. having so many anchor children that now some NINE years later, they've outnumbered American's in the work place and abroad, 4-1, if not more.

Look Around! Haven't you noticed that America is no longer your’s?

You don't see how bland and dirty it is now? You haven't noticed that it no longer feels like America?? But looks and feels like a third world country... Why? Because this no longer is America. It's M E X I C O!

They took it over! They took it right from under your nose.

So now, I’m stuck with the dilemma of having to find myself another country to live in, for America is no longer home to me. America is long gone :(

No jobs for American’s because they “the Mexican’s” run our job market now. They run all of our state and local government… and you thought they were just cutting the grass … while they we’re strategically taking over all of America… state by state…. Like that of the Trojan Horse.
Look around.
Signed: Throw-Away-People, T.A.P's.

Posted by: A. Queen at February 9, 2010 05:21 AM

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