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March 01, 2010

Jim Rohn Pack on eBay

Mixed Jim Rohn Program Pack!


Jim Rohn

This Jim Rohn program pack contains 4 audio programs on cassette:

  • The Art of Exceptional Living (6 audiocassettes)
  • The Weekend Seminar (12 audiocassettes)
  • Take Charge of Your Life (6 audiocassettes)
  • Challenge to Succeed in the 90's (6 audiocassettes)

Look at all of those cassettes!

Jim Rohn

This Jim Rohn program pack also contains a videocassette program entitled: How to Have Your Best Year Ever! (4 videocassettes)


Additionally, I'll include Jim Rohn's "How to Use a Journal" - a 2 cassette audio program (not pictured)!

Though I am unaware of any flaws in any of the cassettes (I haven't actually listened to them in a few years), there is shelf wear on all of the covers and some damage on two (pictured):

Jim Rohn

I feel that the have a very fair starting bid. Basically, it's just the minimum required to make it worth it to me to visit a shipper and send them on their way. I really love these programs and haven't heard them for years only because I listened to them over and over and over again so many times when I first purchased them (one was purchased at a Jim Rohn seminar that I attended in person). Right now, I am mostly interested in clearing my shelf, rather than maximizing my cash returns - hence the "package deal". It would not surprise me if whoever purchases these will already have one or two of the programs - if that's you, just sell the extra on eBay!


Thanks for bidding!

Posted by Jeff at March 1, 2010 11:18 PM

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