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July 12, 2010

The Champion Juicer

This morning, one of my friends posted on Facebook that she was giving up wine for a week. Foolishly, I commented that I'd do the same - no alcohol until Friday. Damn...now I'm committed. Oh well...what am I to do?

Answer: Carrot juice!

Carrot Juice

In making this juice tonight, I realized something: my juicer has lasted me roughly a decade. I don't know how many normal juicers I went through before that, but it was more than a couple. They just never seemed to last very long. But this one, my Champion Juicer, is awesome squared!

The Champion Juicer

Best. Juicer. EVER.

Posted by Jeff at July 12, 2010 08:50 PM


Green Life is better than Champion! Why? Because the juice will last THREE ENTIRE DAYS in the frige before turning brown. So, you only have to juice about twice each week. I'm sure Champion is a fine machine and I'm not meaning to disrespect you or it. Its rather encouraging to find another person who is a juicer. The Green Life is now a Green Star trademark. The secret of keeping the juice from turning is the magnetism of the crusher cogs as the juice passes through during pulp separation. This keeps the oxygen molecules from attaching to the juice molecules. This would only benefit someone who juices everyday however. What do you think about that?

Posted by: Mr. Phil at July 14, 2010 01:24 PM

I don't agree with any of that at all. And as a rule of thumb, as soon as someone starts mentioning magnetism, you know you're in the realm of la-la-land, astrology, sleeping under pyramids, and rubbing crystals for luck. Someone says something (with a profit motive), gives an explanation that sounds complicated and scientific, and lay-people start running to accept it as truth, even though its silly to the extreme.

The juice from the Champion juicer, as well as the juice from any cheap juicer, including juice obtained by squeezing fruit in your bare hands, will last just as long in the fridge as the juice from a "Green Life" juicer - or any other juicer for that matter.

(You asked.)

Posted by: Jeff at July 19, 2010 05:03 AM

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