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April 17, 2011

Selling: La Femme Nikita, All Seasons

I have decided to sell all of my La Femme Nikita DVDs, season one, season two, season three, season four, and season five:

About the show:

Peta Wilson as Nikita is awesome to watch. She's a super-babe, smart, sexy, and strong. Roy Dupuis, as her partner is a little less convincing at first, but he grows into the role.

I didn't like the show at all at first. I was only watching because my girlfriend at the time really loved the show and wanted me to see it and to watch it with her. From the beginning, you learn that Nikita has been kidnapped by an organization that combats terrorism worldwide. There's little wrong with that. But then we learn that the organization uses criminals and other people they have kidnapped as mere pawns, forcing them to kill or be killed, to do exactly as they're told or be killed (by the organization), and that they have to measure up to certain standards of performance and fitness - or else they're killed by the organization. I tend to like shows to be moral - that is, to champion morality - doing the right thing, recognizing people's political rights, etc. This show seems to take the position that the only way to survive is to be the guy who is more "bad" or is willing to be the most wrong. It's ultimately might makes right.

But the show grew on me and I came to look forward to watching the new episodes. I was hoping that, in the end, we'd see the organization taken apart and destroyed, but...well, you'll see...if you watch....

Posted by Jeff at April 17, 2011 05:27 PM


It took 3 months to the day to sell all of these. Not much going on in DVD sales anymore. It's all streaming now.

Posted by: Jeff at July 22, 2011 11:21 AM

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