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March 31, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Letter to Fox News

Hello, the following message is meant for Hannity and Colmes:

On the Hannity and Colmes show Senator John McCain was interviewed and I was distressed by what I consider to have been a lack of honesty on the senator's part. When he was questioned about "amnesty" being given to "undocumented immigrants" (McCain's term) he deflected the question into the subject of citizenship and whether or not a "guest worker" program would give these "undocumented immigrants" an unfair advantage on that path. WHY, Mr. Hannity and Mr. Colmes, did you allow that?

These illegal aliens have crossed our borders into our country not to become citizens, but to live and work. THE goal for these people is to live and work here. Granted, for some of them, it may be that gaining citizenship is a goal for them, an additional goal, but its a very minor one in comparison to the primary goal of being able to live and to work here.

Now if a child steals a toy airplane from a toy store and is caught, we not only punish the child by sending him into his room, cutting off his allowance, or some other way, but just as importantly, in fact most importantly, we take the airplane away from the child so that his offense of stealing doesn't pay off in the acquisition of the airplane which he wanted. The very same principle which is behind that act must also be put into play when we catch people stealing the right to residency and the right to work in this country. TAKE IT AWAY. Send every single one of them that is caught back home and, in addition, dole out some punishment beforehand. But under no circumstances should they be allowed one more single second of un-incarcerated life in our country. And failing to do that is what we Americans refer to as "giving amnesty". (Note to John McCain - skip the dictionary definition, this is what we mean.)

Misters Hannity and Colmes, please don't allow politicians to mislead America by changing the subject from the illegals' goal of living in and working in this country to the red herring subject of their supposed goal of gaining citizenship. That's not what this is about. It never was.

--American Citizen

Posted by Jeff at 09:57 AM | Comments (13)

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