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April 28, 2006

The unPopulist

I've just run across an interesting weblog: The unPopulist (excellent moniker). He's short on material, he rarely seems to post, even less so that I do, methinks. But it's nice to see youth, a goatee, and a clue all wrapped up in one package (how rare). And he doesn't have much to say, really, instead relying on pasting what others have said. That can be bad, but it also can be good when astute comparisons are made, such as this one he made between comments made by actor Morgan Freeman and Frederick Douglass.

Morgan Freeman:

Freeman notes there is no "white history month," and says the only way to get rid of racism is to "stop talking about it."

The actor says he believes the labels "black" and "white" are an obstacle to beating racism.

"I am going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man," Freeman says.

I'll let you visit The unPopulist to find out what Frederick Douglass said, and I'll let you figure out on your own why it compares nicely with what Freeman said (the comparison isn't exactly direct). When I saw this, I wanted to comment on it myself. I was tempted to do so unilaterally, but...credit where credit is due.

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Accept: Generation Clash

Generation Clash (short out take)

I haven't heard that in a long time.

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April 18, 2006

Magellan Mapsend Topo for Sale

Magellan MapSend Topo

Magellan MapSend Topo is now very difficult to find. Apparently there's been an upgrade to the GPS units in the last 2 years which allows the newer GPS units to use better(?) software. However, there are millions, billions, trillions...okay, probably only a thousands (I got a bit carried away, there)...of people who have what we still consider to be fairly new GPS units which won't use new software! So, last July, I spent about 6 hours on the Internet looking and looking and looking for this software - and I finally found it - and paid $75 for it from a computer store. After my trip (to the beautiful southern Utah Canyonlands area, Chelser Park in the Needles district, to be precise...

Chesler Park Chesler Park

...where the software and my Magellan SporTrak performed fantastically) I discovered that I'd had the software all along - it'd come as a package deal with my SporTrak and I'd tucked it away in a box somewhere without ever opening it.

If you're interested, you can get it for as low as $3.01, including shipping, if you win the bidding. (I've been unable to find this software for less than $75!)

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April 17, 2006

Skeleton Wall Clock for Sale

Wall skeleton clock

I've decided to sell this skeleton clock. It was given to me as a gift, but it's just not my style (I prefer modern clocks that catch a radio signal from the atomic clocks and keep perfect time).

It's never been taken out of the box and is in its original packaging. The inset photo in the lower right is what the clock is supposed to look like after its hung on the wall.

If you're interested, you can buy it here. The auction is scheduled to end in 7 days.

Inside information: Reserve is $9.99.

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Mother Sheehan Speaks

This video of Cindy Sheehan speaking is worth watching through to its end. It starts out poorly, I think, and seems propaganda-ish, but it improves every minute. And then BAM! - what a hell of an excellent point it makes in its later minutes. The video is between 10 and 15 minutes long and is best watched by double-clicking on the video to watch it full screen (or right-clicking and selecting full screen).

Give her a viewing when you have time.

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April 13, 2006

How Does Your Representative Score on Amnesty and Immigration?

Here's a grade list for Republicans on the immigration issue.

Very interesting (as of today):

Alexander, Lamar (R-TN) - 100%
Allen, George (R-VA) - 100%
Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) - 100%
Coburn, Tom (R-OK) - 100%
Ensign, John (R-NV) - 100%
Murkowski, Lisa (R-AK) - 100%
Thune, John (R-SD) - 100%
DeMint, James (R-SC) - 97%
Vitter, David (R-LA) - 97%

Bunning, Jim (R-KY) - 94%
Isakson, Johnny (R-GA) - 94%
Talent, James (R-MO) - 93%

Inhofe, James (R-OK) - 80%
Sessions, Jeff (R-AL) - 80%
Thomas, Craig (R-WY) - 80%
Shelby, Richard (R-AL) - 78%
Burr, Richard (R-NC) - 77%
Hutchison, Kay (R-TX) - 77%
Santorum, Rick (R-PA) - 77%
Bond, Kit (R-MO) - 75%
Allard, Wayne (R-CO) - 73%
Enzi, Michael (R-WY) - 73%
Frist, Bill (R-TN) - 73%

Crapo, Michael (R-ID) - 70%
Kyl, Jon (R-AZ) - 62%
Collins, Susan (R-ME) - 61%

Bennett, Robert (R-UT) - 54%
Grassley, Charles (R-IA) - 53%
Dole, Elizabeth (R-NC) - 50%
Sununu, John (R-NH) - 50%

McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) - 43%

Cornyn, John (R-TX) - 39%
Hatch, Orrin (R-UT) - 36%
Roberts, Pat (R-KS) - 35%
Lott, Trent (R-MS) - 32%
Stevens, Ted (R-AK) - 32%
Cochran, Thad (R-MS) - 31%

Gregg, Judd (R-NH) - 28%
Graham, Lindsey (R-SC) - 23%

Brownback, Sam (R-KS) - 16%

Warner, John (R-VA) - 8%
Craig, Larry (R-ID) - 6%

Smith, Gordon (R-OR) - 5%
Voinovich, George (R-OH) - 4%
Burns, Conrad (R-MT) - 3%
Chafee, Lincoln (R-RI) - 3%
Domenici, Pete (R-NM) - 3%
Lugar, Richard (R-IN) - 3%
Snowe, Olympia (R-ME) - 3%
Specter, Arlen (R-PA) - 3%
DeWine, Mike (R-OH) - 2%
Hagel, Chuck (R-NE) - 2%
McCain, John (R-AZ) - 1%
Coleman, Norm (R-MN) - 0%
Martinez, Mel (R-FL) - 0%

And would you care to easily let your representative know what you think on the issue? Send a free fax to your representative.

Talk about burying your senator in paper! ('Course their faxes are probably all computerized, but...maybe not.)

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April 12, 2006

The Twilight Zone

The open-border "scamnesty" crowd and Hollywood liberals are going beserk!

GOP Congressional Candidate Vernon Robinson has a refreshingly bold TV ad that has whipped the liberals into a hysterical frenzy! The Rainbow Coalition has demanded that Vernon Robinson take the TV ad down because, among other things, it features Jesse Jackson's mug shot.

Liberal MSNBC journalist Keith Olbermann broadcast Vernon's ad on his "Countdown" show last month and said only, "Well, I'll just let it speak for itself." Vernon Robinson's Democrat opponent has posted Vernon's ad on the left wing websites and is actually using it to raise money. One left-wing blogger wrote, "My head just exploded!" Another wrote, "It's worse than the Swift Boat and Willie Horton ads combined."

Because the spot uses a clip from "Leave it to Beaver" and the theme music from "The Twilight Zone," the lawyers for actor Jerry Mathers (the "Beaver"), CBS Television Studios, and the Screen Actors Guild contacted our campaign last week. They told us their clients are being pressured by the militant homosexual activists and the illegal alien advocacy groups to "take legal action" if we don't take down the ad. Our campaign's lawyers assure us that the ad fits squarely within the "fair use" exception for protected political speech.

Every conservative should watch this ad. You'll find a link to the ad at the bottom of this page. But before you go to it, please read the letter below from Vernon. You'll understand why the thought of Vernon Robinson's election to Congress is enough to make a liberal's head explode and why Vernon needs your support!

Michelle Smith
Robinson for Congress

Too funny.

Video of the ad.

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