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February 21, 2007

Minolta Z1 "Initializing USB Connection"

This is very annoying: I just bought a cable to transfer data between my Minolta Z1 digital camera and my computer. However, when it is hooked up, it just says:

"Initializing USB connection"

It never gets past that screen.

The cable apparently works. If I plug the cable into the camera (with the camera turned on) without it being plugged into the computer, there's no effect. It's as if there's no cable attached at all. However, if I then plug the other end of the cable into the computer, suddenly the familiar "Initializing USB Connection" screen appears on the camera. So apparently signal is traveling the cable.

The annoying thing is that there is nothing - NOTHING - on the Internet about this, at least that's my experience with search engine results. Well there is one thing: a person who said that he had this problem, but then it went away when he pressed his USB cable more tightly into his cable extension. Perhaps he's right about what fixed his problem, but perhaps he's just guessing and he doesn't really know what changed to make his work. Nevertheless, it doesn't help me any - I'm not using an extension, and my cable is firmly implanted at both ends into their receptacles.

Anyone have a clue what is going on here?

Posted by Jeff at 01:45 PM | Comments (11)

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