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September 27, 2007

Escaped Prisoners

I met one of these guys. I was part of what enraged him. He knew that I was seeing the girl that had dumped him. She was afraid to answer the door when he came knocking one day when I was visiting at her apartment. She answered anyway, he saw me there and became very angry and stormed off.

Just a few days later, she had a couple of friends visiting her (a girl [whom I also worked with] and a guy), and suddenly Danny Gallegos burst out of a closet with a gun and started shooting. A couple of bullets grazed my friend, one went into the back of the other girl's head from point blank range, and the guy managed to take Danny down and (I think) get the gun. Danny ran. It took several weeks, to my recollection, to catch him. (This was a long time ago.)

Now he's out.

That sucks.

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