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May 31, 2008

Wake Up America



One thing I love about this election season is that it's exposing these wackos to a country which has been largely ignorant of them and their despicable message. The more of this the nation sees, the better.

Wake Up America!
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May 17, 2008

My Letter to the Republican Party

I keep receiving letters from Senator McCain's campaign, and from the Republican Party, asking for support and donations. The neat thing is, they always include a postage paid envelope which, until now, has always been tossed into the recycle bin with the rest of the letters. But today I came up with a better idea: I decided to compose a letter about my position on the candidates and the issues this year and to enclose it in the postage paid return envelope. I've saved my letter to my desktop, so that whenever I receive one of these mailers, all I have to do is right-click on its icon and select "Print" to easily and conveniently send the same letter back each and every time.

Here is my letter. If you like it, feel free to copy/paste it into your own Wordpad (or other document) file so that you can do the same:

To Whom It May Concern,

I assume that you are sending me these mailers because I have contributed to George W. Bush and to the Republican party in the past, specifically in the period leading up to the 2004 election. I was very motivated during that election season, as I am now. I debated in person and online with others about the issues, and I put my money and my votes where my mouth was.

This election year is no different. However, I will be staying home on election day, 2008, or I will write in an alternative candidate (which amounts to the same thing), and I argue daily for others to do the same.

To my recollection there were at least a dozen candidates for president in the beginning of this election season, with a few more Democrats than Republicans. Also to my recollection, out of all of these dozen plus candidates, Republican and Democrat, John McCain had the very worst immigration plan.

No, immigration issues are not the only issues this election season, but they amount to 51% of them. (Further, McCain is hardly representative of my positions on other issues, and certainly not enough so as to differ significantly from the candidates of the Democratic party.)

You may continue to send me these requests for support all through the election season, but when you don't receive support in return, and when I don't show up for your candidate in November, I want you to know why. Considering the choice of candidates this year, I could hardly be more apathetic about which one wins.

Disappointedly yours,

<City, State, Zip>

Posted by Jeff at 08:11 PM | Comments (3)

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