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March 13, 2011

Taoism: Working Out, Leadership, and an Illustrated I Ching

I just put the below on eBay's half.com. Two of them I have had for many years, but shelf space is limited.

Working Out, Working Within; The Tao of Power; The Illustrated I Ching
(Image is clickable.)

Working Out, Working Within is a fitness book. Amazon's product description is as follows:

Zen meets The Zone in this guide to combining physical fitness with spiritual awakening. During physical training, we can experience something deeper than just the burn of working out. We can achieve spiritual awareness and know that we are alive and healthy. Working Out, Working Within offers readers techniques and suggestions to avoid fixating on winning the game, scoring the goal, or building the perfect body. Instead our workouts can become tools for personal transcendence as we get to know ourselves, test our limits, gather personal strength, and build physical potency. Here's a book that will nourish and exercise the spirit while showing readers what "ultimate" sports and living really are.

The Illustrated I Ching is especially nice with pictures of some very excellent Chinese art work throughout, but it is time to allow someone else to benefit from it.

The Tao of Power is a translation of the Tao Te Ching with some interesting commentaries.

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