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September 28, 2011

What Brings People Here

If I were a veiled chameleon, I would want veiled chameleon care. And whether or not I was a male chameleon or a female chameleon, I would need a chameleon care sheet, because a "chameleons care sheet" [sic] is what some people have searched for here. What would happen if you blasted a cockatiel with a burst of compressed air? What if you had veiled chameleon eggs laying all over, or a Yemen chameleon feeding? With the chameleon price, the chameleon care, the chameleon rubbing feet, the feeding veiled chameleons with gular edema, how hard is Comptia A+? How hard is the exam? How can I find out how to pass Comptia A+? Is certification hard? (Is it because of "Jans boobs"?)

It's interesting what keywords bring people to this site. That ridiculous paragraph was generated using the following search words, in order of popularity:

1 veiled chameleon
2 veiled chameleon care
3 male chameleon
4 chameleon care sheet
5 chameleons care sheet
6 cockatiel
7 compressed air
8 veiled chameleon eggs laying
9 yemen chameleon feeding
10 chameleon price
11 chameleon care
12 chameleon rubbing feet
13 feeding veiled chameleons
14 female veiled chameleon
15 gular edema
16 how hard is comptia a
17 how hard is the a exam
18 how to pass comptia a
19 is a certification hard
20 jans boobs

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